Michaels $2 Grab Bags!

If you like Michaels like I do, they have their $2 Clearance Grab Bags out right now!!  I am not sure if it is a company wide thing or something that is up to individual stores but my store has them in a bin up by the door.

I cannot remember buying one of the grab bags before.  I came across YouTube videos about them when searching one time for scrapbook related items and they peaked my interest.  Michael’s will put clearance items in a bag (or sometimes even in a box) of random items.  You buy a bag/box for $2 + tax!  In the videos that I have seen (Google Michaels $2 grab bag hauls) people scored great things for a fraction of the cost.  The grab bags only come out a few times a year from what I have been able to tell.

I was visiting a store in the area a couple of weeks ago and asked the cashier if they did the $2 grab bags.  She said they do and when I asked her if she knew when they would be doing the next one.  She had to ask another employee and after she did she shared with me to check back around the 5th.  I inquired a couple days later at the store by my house and the employee there wouldn’t tell me one way or the other.  I have been visiting my local store the past few days and today they had a bin full of $2 grab bags!!

The employee there tonight mentioned that people were opening up and digging through the bags to see what was in them.  She summed it up by it defeats the purpose of the grab bags.   Since people tore open bags, there were some loose items so it was hard to tell which bags they were associated with.  It made moving bags around a little tough.

Right on top of the pile was a bag with three 12×12 post bound scrapbooks.  They went right into my cart.  I believe they are $14.99 each.  I didn’t go back and check the price because $2 is worth it for three albums.


Underneath was a bag that was completely torn open that had scrapbook paper!!  $28.42 worth of Bazzill 8.5 x 11 cardstock.  This is good, quality, scrapbook cardstock!  Some of the edges were bent but I didn’t mind.  I use the 8.5 x 11 for mounting photos and different size journaling blocks.  Sweet Pea also asked if she could use it.


$19.99 worth of Recollections Hand Made Scrapbook Paper.  It was all the same pattern.


Also with the paper was one $3 reusable cosmetic bag.  Sweet Pea asked if she could have the bag.



For a total of $4 plus tax, I received two bags of items worth just under $100!   Well worth it in my book!

Like I mentioned above some of the items were loose in the bin.  A lot of them were spring stuff (there was a huge spring wreath).  It looked like there were some mugs, graduation items, storage boxes, and flowers in some of the other $2 grab bags.  I asked the cashier how long they would have the grab bags.  She said until they ran out and confirmed that they would be adding new bags daily.  It looks like I will be making at least a couple more trips in the next few days to get more bags.

Have you gotten any $2 grab bags from Michaels?  If, so I would love to hear what you have gotten in them!

Have a blessed day!