What it means to be on the Crew!

What being on the Crew means ...

Being on the 2016 Schoolhouse Review Crew has been a blessing for my family!  We have had the pleasure of reviewing many wonderful products.  We have reviewed computer programs and apps, lots of curriculum (both online and physical copies), games, and even things for mom & dad like a mug (hint, hint) and delicious recipes.  In fact tonight’s dinner was one of the recipes we received from MyFreezEasy.

I have enjoyed my first year on the Schoolhouse Review Crew and it is hard to believe that the review year is coming to a close.  Being on the Crew is much more than reviewing products and writing reviews, friendships are made, we have support and fellowship from fellow homeschool bloggers and Crew leaders, many opportunities to grow our blogs, and a lot of fun!  The Lord used the Crew to fulfill a curriculum need that we had.  I had decided to change what we were doing for Math and He provided the opportunity to review multiple math curriculum.  We found what worked best for our girls and we have continued on with them even beyond their review periods.

The girls have enjoyed trying many new products that they would not have had the opportunity to had we not been on the crew. One of many examples was when we were at our local homeschool convention and one of the girls looks up and at the top of her lungs excitedly exclaims, “I know you!  I see you on our tv!”  That was our Peanut when she saw the Here to Help Learning booth. The girls enjoyed getting to visit the booth and try writing with the huge pencil (see the pictures below).  






The Schoolhouse Review Crew is now accepting applications for the 2017 Review Crew.  Click here for more information on the requirements for being on the Crew and if you feel it is something you are interested in being a part of I highly encourage you to submit your application.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!  Have a blessed evening!




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