{Review} Help Teaching Pro Subscription

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {HelpTeaching.com}
Help Teaching Pro Subscription by HelpTeaching.com is a great resource to have for your home education program.  The Pro Subscription provides access to material and tests from Early Education through 12th grade.  During the review, my family used resources from mid-elementary school age and younger.

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {HelpTeaching.com}
HelpTeaching.com’s website is well organized and user friendly.  Available on the website are tests & worksheets, lessons, games, a test maker, online testing, and  a ‘My Content’ section.  The printables are searchable by grade level and subjects and the lessons are viewed through categories.    On the ‘My Content’ page you can find anything that you have saved to your HelpTeaching.com account or have assigned out to students.  You can also create separate accounts for every child!  I like that you have the option of doing the work online or printed out!


Little Man (4) & Munchkin (almost 3) enjoyed the Alphabet Videos.  The videos are part of lessons introducing the letters of the English Alphabet and their sounds for Early Education.


The lessons are short and the perfect length for the attention span of young children.  You first introduce the letter and then play a video that introduces the sounds of the letter.  Little Man and Munchkin both kept asking to watch the videos over and over.  After the videos are done, there are additional worksheets/tests to be completed.  I found the tests for this age had to be printed and cannot be completed online.  Instead of printing out the pages, I had Little Man answer the questions by pointing the answers to me.    I  did check out a few of the lessons for K-3 and their lessons are set up similar to the alphabet lessons that we used.

One of my favorite things is HelpTeaching.com provides the ability to generate your own tests and printables for Math and Games & Puzzles.

The test generator allows you to generate tests using your own questions or create a combination of questions that you have written plus other prewritten questions.  If you need to quickly create something quickly you can plug in the topic and the number of questions that you want and the test is done!

You can create addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division worksheets along with Bingo cards, Bingo word cards, and word searches with the Games & Puzzles generator.  The generator for the games and puzzles is very simple to use and with just three clicks you can switch the printable that you are creating!  You plug in the information you want and have the option of saving to your HelpTeaching.com account, printing, and downloading all pages.

For the Math printables you choose how many problems you want your student to complete up to 300 problems.  There are options to customize the problems to fit what you are working on (ex: times tables, 2 digit subtraction, 3 digit addition, etc).   With a click of one button you can create another page with a new set of questions.  The answer key is also available for every page that you create by clicking the box to show the answer key.  The only con that I have found is that you cannot create a page with mixed operations.

There are two different style Bingo cards that you can customize.  The standard Bingo cards are the standard numeric cards with B, I, N, G, O columns, numbers in the boxes, and a free spot and the Word Bingo cards are based off a word list that you provide the generator.  You tell the generator how many cards you want, you can add a title, customize the free space text, as well as an option of including a call sheet.  For the Word Bingo cards, you also have the option of including a free space and also putting the free space in a random spot and on the standard Bingo cards you can customize the word BINGO (I found that two characters per column worked but three were a tight squeeze).


Sweet Pea loves word searches.  With the word search generator I plug in her word list, add a title and with the click of one button I have a word search printed out for her!  I also have the ability of having the generator placing some of the words backwards.  Numbers can be added to the word list but there is no option for a numeric word search or a mixed numeric/alphabetic word search so the numbers would stick out in a sea of letters.  Any spaces are represented by “-” when generated and in the photo below that is why there are not any spaces between certain words in the word bank.


At $24.95/year HelpTeaching.com is affordable for both families and teachers.


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Help Teaching Pro Subscription {HelpTeaching.com}


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