Labor Day Weekend Adventure!

My mom, Sweet Pea, and I went to visit my grandparents over the Labor Day weekend.  It was quite the adventure!  Hurricane Hermine had dumped tons of rain everywhere in our county.  So much that many areas had flooded.   On Friday, everything had seemed to settle down…or so we thought.  My mom looked at the radar and everything looked clear except for one itty bity patch of rain.  We were good to go to travel to my grandparents for the weekend (they live on the other side of the state).  Then it decides to rain, and rain, and rain some more.  That itty bitty patch of rain unexpectedly built up and dumped so much rain in a short amount of time in areas that were already saturated that there were flash floods everywhere.  It took us about 3 hours to get more than 5 minutes from my house.  We were determined to make this trip!  The three hours did include our dinner break.  We ate dinner hoping that it would clear up enough to let the roads drain and we could get out of our county because according to the radar, the rain was sitting just over our county and there was no rain to the north or south.

After dinner we drove north.  The big intersection that we needed to get to was still hosed due to flooding but we were able to travel a couple of back roads to bypass the intersection.  At that point we were committed to the trip because we probably would have had the same issues getting back to our house as we did leaving it.  It did build up some more to the north but we eventually got out of the rain.  We were hoping to surprise Sweet Pea but due to all of the driving and a couple of bags in the car she eventually figured out that we were going to her great grandparent’s house not too long after we got out of the area.

We finally got to the interstate but due to the late time and another band that built up we decided to stop for the evening at a hotel.  Sweet Pea had a ball.  She loved that the hotel had a little window seat that she could sit in and even lay down on. Then the next day we drove the last one hour of the trip to my grandparents house.

It rained a lot at my grandparent’s house on Saturday and Sunday so we didn’t get to do as many things as we had planned.  We saw my uncle and aunt for a few minutes when they stopped by on Sunday.  On Monday, my mom and I got to visit my great uncle on my dad’s side (He lives just a few minutes from my mom’s parents.) and Sweet Pea and her Papoo got to go fishing.  She had been asking all weekend to go finishing but due to the weather they hadn’t been able to.

The pictures are from the trip, her and PaPa fishing, and my mom came across a photo of Sweet Pea and Nanny that was taken in the kitchen a few years ago and recreated the photo so I have included both of the photos in the post.

Have a blessed week!









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