{Review} Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition


Apologia: Exploring Creation with Astronomy Review

My family was excited that we had the opportunity to review Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition by Apologia Educational Ministries.  Apologia Educational Ministries blessed us with:

Apologia: Exploring Creation with Astronomy Review


The student text is well written and written from a Biblical Worldview for grades K-6.  Between the activities in the book and those in the journaling notebooks there are plenty of things to keep your children busy learning!  Throughout the 14 lessons in the book, the students will learn all about asteroids, the planets, space travel, solar eclipses and much more!  The girls have enjoyed what we have done so far.


The Jr. Notebooking Journal (K-2nd/3rd) and the Notebooking Journal (3rd/4th-6th) are consumable notebooks that complement the student text.  They notebooks are spiral bound notebooks and when completed you will have a scrapbook/portfolio to keep!  There are a couple of  differences between the two books.  The Jr. Notebooking Journal uses primary lines on the majority of the pages while the Notebooking Journal has the standard lines for journaling and the Jr. Notebooking Journal has 2 coloring pages while the Notebooking Journal has a 2 ‘What Do You Remember?’ pages.  Sweet Pea preferred having the coloring pages over the two ‘What Do You Remember?’ pages so I bought an additional Jr. Notebooking Journal for her as well as one for another one of the girls.

Besides the minor differences mentioned above the two notebook journals are essentially the same.  The books start off by offering a suggested daily schedule and families are encouraged to modify the assignments to fit the needs of their family.   The flexible daily schedule is color coded for textbook reading & activities, notebook assignments, and activities that are found exclusively in the newly released Astronomy 2nd Edition Science Kit.  There are some review days built into the schedule as well.  I love the flexibility!

Following the suggested daily schedule there is a short parent guide with information about the pages in the notebooking journals.  Some of the pages included in the journal are:

  • Fascinating Facts and Personal Reflections – The student writes about things that they have learned
    or may have found interesting.  There are also a couple of boxes to draw pictures.
  • Copywork – There is a Bible verse to write.  The students are given a choice to complete the Bible verse in manuscript or cursive.
  • Vocabulary – There is a vocabulary review using crosswords, fill in the blank sheets, and making a vocabulary book.
  • Activity Documentation – A place that the students can document activities completed in the textbook.
  • Miniature Books – A great item for students to have to help with reviewing what they have learned!  As you work through the chapters, the students will be able to fill in what they have learned.  Once completed they are glued into the notebook.
  • Taking it Further – Two pages reserved to document any further activities that you have completed (such as from the Astronomy 2nd Edition Science Kit), record books that you have read, or even fill the pages with colorful pictures.  The possibilities are endless!!!
  • ‘What Do You Remember?’ review questions or coloring pages – Depending which journal you purchased you will have either the review questions or the coloring pages.  The review questions are also found in the textbook so if you have a child that really wanted to have the coloring pages in the journal (like Sweet Pea did) you can still review the questions with them.

My girls were not big fans of listening to the MP3 Audio Book of Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition.  They preferred having me read the text instead.  As a mom, having the book on MP3 is a blessing!  It is great to have on those days that I might need a break from reading the text or if we need to listen to the lesson in the car while on the road.

I highly recommend checking out Apologia Educational Ministries if you are looking for a Science program for your home education program!!

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Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review

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