{Review} Enlivenze LLC ~ FlipStir Solar System Puzzle

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
Do you have a puzzle fan in the house?  Are you tired of pulling out puzzles only to find you are missing some pieces?  Are you looking for a puzzle that you can take with you while traveling?  Then I have a puzzle for you to try!  My family had the pleasure of getting to try one of the FlipStir Puzzles by Enlivenze LLC.  We received the Solar System FlipStir Puzzle to review.

FlipStir Puzzles ReviewsThe Solar System puzzle, for ages 7 & older, has ten 3D pieces that are sealed in a durable container.  No need to worry about trying to find that lost puzzle piece!  They will not come out!  The instructions are very simple!  Shake. Stir. Solve.  That is right!  Shake!  Stir!  Solve!  There is a metal wand with a plastic foot to help you maneuver the pieces around inside of the container or to hold the completed pieces together.  A sticker of the completed puzzle is located on the bottom of the container if you need to take a peek at what goes next.  Shake and stir again to enjoy the puzzle another time.



When our FlipStir Puzzle arrived, my hubby took it and had the puzzle completed in just a couple of minutes.  It took me about 15 minutes to complete and it kept the girls occupied for much longer.  I love that we can take it along with us and not have to worry about losing any pieces.  No more lost puzzle pieces with a FlipStir Puzzle!  This is an awesome product!

For more information you can find the FlipStir Puzzle on Facebook and Twitter and you can find Enlivenze LLC on Facebook and Twitter.

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FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

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