{Review} CTCMath

CTCMath Review


We received a one-year CTCMath Homeschool Membership by CTCMath to review.  With the membership we have received unlimited access to all lessons for every grade and can access it from anywhere that there is an internet connection.  CTCMath is great for large families!  The CTCMath Homeschool Membership allows up to 10 students!

CTCMath Review

Parent Area of CTCMath:

In the parent’s area, I can manage and create tasks, manage my kid’s information, and view weekly reports.  In the parent’s area I loved having the ability to schedule tasks in advance! Creating tasks is simple.  I choose the date and time that I want the assignments completed, a title (up to 100 words) and description (up to 200 words) are entered, add the lessons, add diagnostic tests, and assign students to the task.  The other options that are available are that I can have the task report automatically emailed to me when the task falls due, I can require that the lessons and diagnostic test be completed in a specific order, and I can hide the year level of the lessons and diagnostic tests from my children.  Lessons & diagnostic tests are not available to my children until the date and time that are entered.  If needed the dates and times can be changed on every task.  The weekly reports are emailed to me every week.  In the weekly reports, I receive a pdf attachment that contains the weekly activity log and the overall performance of my kids (how many assignments that have been completed on time, late, and incomplete, the average grade, and how many lessons that have been completed.  The weekly reports are also available on the CTCMath website for up to three months.

Lessons are a great length for my young children!  The lessons are video lessons for my girls the videos have been less than 5 minutes in duration and then my children answer a series of questions.  They receive immediate feedback if they answered the questions correct or not.  At the end of every lesson I have an option of printing a copy (More about that later.) of the questions that my girls have completed.  The lessons take about 15 minutes total to be completed.

Student Area of CTCMath:

Every child has their own log-in information to access the student area.  The student menu contains lessons, tasks, results, settings, and history.  The girls have access to every lesson from Kindergarten to Trigonometry.  While it is a great option to have for student led learning, it would be nice to be able to have an option to disable access to other areas if needed.  All of the asks that have been assigned to the student are accessed from the tasks menu.  The girls are able to view their results for the tasks, diagnostic tests, as well as view detailed reports.  In settings, they are given the option to change the display colors, including making their own choice of colors to pair together.


Printing from CTCMath:

After every lesson has been completed, CTCMath offers the opportunity to print the completed lesson directly through a print button on their website.  I like having the ability to print a copy of the work that my children have completed.  Sweet Pea has been completing most of her lessons on an iPad.  There are a couple of different ways to print the lesson from the iPad and I printed both ways to compare the way that they print.  The two options I used was printing through the print button on the CTCMath website and printing through the share to printer feature on the iPad.  I did notice a couple of differences.

The pages printed from the website print button:

I like that the pages included the student’s name, the date the lesson was completed, the grade level, the lesson name (Subtraction up to 20) & location (2nd Grade –> Number, Patterns and Algebra –> Subtraction), the score, the number correct, and duration.

On the printed page, I am shown the problems that my girls have completed as shown to them.  Some of the questions are just the questions themselves (IE: 12-4, 10+1, 37-23, etc.) and others had the questions along with the manipulatives they used (ice cream cones, smiley faces, blocks, etc.), the problem, a blank answer box, and a check mark to mark that the problem was answered correctly.  However, it did not have the answer in the answer box.  The formatting of the page is slightly off.  The questions themselves are smushed together and the words are overlapping.

From the iPad share to printer option:

When we printed the completed lesson using the print button on the CTCMath website there is a little more formatting at the header and footer of the page (see the picture).  In between the two it is set up similar to printing through the CTCMath website print option.  However printing through this option, the answers the girls responded with ARE included on the page.  Like printing directly from the CTC print button feature, the formatting is off when printing through the iPad share to printer option.  This time some of the questions, overlapped onto the question to the right of it, or part of the question was cut off completely.

I did find out that there is no way to go back and print a copy of a previously completed lesson so the lessons & tests must be printed at the time of completion.  An option to be able to print the completed pages at a later date or email a pdf copy of the completed lesson to the email on the account would be a wonderful addition!

Below is a picture of Sweet Pea using her Nabi Big Tab to access CTCMath.


Overall, we enjoyed using the elementary school levels of CTCMath!   When I asked Sweet Pea what she liked the most she told me that she loves everything about CTCMath!  I think it is a great program whether you are looking for a complete program or something to supplement in the elementary school years.


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