Middle of the Month update

I pray that the middle of July finds everyone well!  Not too much going on here.

If you are a homeschool blogger and are interested in reviewing homeschool products the annual application for the Schoolhouse Review Crew will be coming out this fall.  While it is still a couple months away, it will be here before we know it.  I encourage you to keep posting on your blog regularly and continue building your followers.  If you are just still fairly new to the blogging world I encourage you to apply!  Please do not let that discourage you!   Up until last spring, I hadn’t done much blogging or working on a personal website in years.  Then I decided to pick it up again in hopes of joining the crew.  It was one of my dreams to be on the crew one day and I was very excited to get the welcome email!

Being on the crew has been a blessing for our family.  We were on the crew for a great math program.  It was a big hit for all three girls and after the review was done, per the girls request, we continued on with this program.  We are currently reviewing another math program.  Since the review still hasn’t been published I am not going to go into any detail other than it is a favorite with our math lover!  We got to meet a vendor this year at our homeschool convention.  The excitement from our kids when they turned and saw the booth and one of the children yelling, “I know you!  You are on our tv!” was priceless!  I am looking forward to the remainder of this crew year!!  Please keep an eye out for further posts regarding applying to the crew.

If you missed my post yesterday, NotebookingPages.com is having a GIVEAWAY on July 26th followed by a sale on July 27-29, where you will receive $25 off their Lifetime Membership.  There will be a total of 25 winners.  The grand prize winner will receive a Lifetime Membership to NotebookingPages.com along with 12 sponsor gifts.  24 winners will receive a Lifetime Membership to NotebookPages.com.

Should you not be one of the twenty-five winners the Lifetime Membership will be on sale for $25 off following the giveaway.  The current prices is $97 and with the sale discount it will make it $72!!  NotebookingPages.com also offers a payment plan if you need to spread the payments out over a couple of months.   Please stop by and register for the giveaway.  There will be freebies available for everyone.

Please check out the Free Notebooking Pages Product Sampler and the Free Resource Center

I know summertime is the busy time of year for most families, including getting ready for the next school year.  We are looking forward to the activities picking back up in the fall.

Have a very blessed Tuesday!


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