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ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

Recently my family had the opportunity to review ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook by ABeCeDarian Company.




Quoted from the ABeCeDarian website:

The ABeCeDarian Reading Program helps students quickly become fluent and accomplished readers with a set of engaging, easy-to-use, and affordable materials.

When children use ABeCeDarian, they learn to read quickly because:

  • it focuses only on essential skills and knowledge
  • it provides the right kind and right amount of practice
  • it provides precise and productive error correction

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews


The teacher’s manual is packed full with information and the lessons themselves.  Please do set aside time to read the manual before beginning your first lesson.  There are a lot of important information in the first 50+ pages of the manual.  You can find the PDF Teacher’s Manual here for free.  There are a total of 48 lessons available for Level A and ABeCeDarian offers a placement assessment to determine which program is the best fit for your child.

The lessons are open and go and are designed to be done one on one.  I know having the lesson scripted out is a bonus for some homeschool moms.  The scripts for the parents are in bold and is easy to find what needs to be said next.  There are instructions and what the student’s responses *should be* are in between.  We all know that we get unexpected answers from our children when asked questions.  So far the lessons haven’t taken us longer than around 15 minutes to complete.  The interactive student workbook is used during the lesson.  It does take the workbook a few minutes to load, so please be patient while it is loading.  Since the workbook is interactive through a web browser it can be used on any device such as a laptop with a trackpad or a touchscreen monitor, Kindle, iPad, or other tablet.  It works on any device that has a browser!

ABeCeDarian keeps the interactive workbook very simple.  There is no sound, fancy pictures, and minimal color.  This helps keep distractions down to a bare minimum.  It is great if you have a child that is easily distracted by all of the fancy artwork, multicolor display, and sounds that is found in most children’s programs.  I found it to be a nice change in scenery and helped us stay focused on the assignment that we were working on.

Some of the activities that are a part of the interactive workbook include tap and say, reading words, spelling practice, spelling and reading chains, word puzzles  and spelling tests.   Sweet Pea enjoyed the activities like the puzzles and tap and say.  She did find writing a bit challenging using the touch pad on the computer.  However, using the touch pad gave her practice using it!


We came across one minor technical issue that I could not get it to duplicate again afterwards.  In one of the lessons when Sweet Pea was working on spelling words, the mouse wouldn’t get go of the letter A so she could select another letter.  I tried to see if I could get it to release and eventually it released but then immediately another letter was attached to the mouse pointer and wouldn’t let go.  None of the other screens that were opened had mouse problems.  I had to close the browser and reopen it to get this to stop and all was fine again.

We had an unexpected change in plans when we first received ABeCeDarian.  Originally, the plan was to have Lil’ Bit and Peanut review this program.  Right around the time we received access to the program they both decided they didn’t want to do any more online school work.  It was in their best interest to allow them to take their requested break from computer work.  Sweet Pea wanted to do the review.  She is still a fairly new reader herself and it was the perfect time to take a break from what she has been working on to do this review.  She was able to review and reinforce what she has been working on all year.  I am glad that I had her review ABeCeDarian.  This is helping her build her confidence in both reading and spelling.  I would like to try ABeCeDarian with Peanut and Lil’ Bit when they are both ready to resume work on the computer.  While Little Man  is not ready for anything formal at this time, maybe in another 6-9 months when he is closer to 5 years old he will be.  I think this will be great for him since it is set up so simple and non-distracting.

The Interactive A workbook is very affordable at $14.95 for a one year subscription and each subsequent year is offered for $4.95.  As mentioned above the Teacher’s Manual is available for free in PDF format or you can purchase a print copy directly from ABeCeDarian for $9.95.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ABeCeDarian-Company/190992639173?ref=ts

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ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

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