K’Nex Storage

Recently, the subject of organizing Legos came up and a fellow homeschool mom asked if anyone had organized K’Nex.  I shared how we organize our K’Nex pieces.

We have an educational set, a roller coaster set, a few other sets. For everything but the educational set, I store most of the pieces in old tackle boxes.  For the larger pieces like the roller coaster tracks and motors, they are stored in ziplock bags and everything goes into a clear storage bin.  The educational set we picked up at a homeschool convention and it came in its own storage tub and those pieces stay in there.  We store all of the pieces, not in boxes, in ziplock bags.  The smallest items are stored in small bags found in the jewelry making aisle in any craft store.  Then all of the little bags are put into one large ziplock bag.  The educational kit came with educator guides and I put all but one  of the individual guides into page protectors and then a 3 ring binder.  The one guide that doesn’t fit in the page protector gets place under the binder when in the bin.




IMG_1741 IMG_1743
IMG_1749              IMG_1750


Have a blessed week!


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