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Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews
A Lifetime Membership to NotebookingPages.com is a wonderful addition to any homeschool!  My family and I were blessed by the opportunity of being able to review the Lifetime Membership!


Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership
Notebooking is a fun way to record what students are learning.  The pages can be used for short term or long term projects.  You can use them to copy vocab, write sentences, or write stories.  You can use them for just about anything that requires writing!  They can be bound in a book or stored in a 3 ring binder.  Right now our favorite method of storing notebooking pages is to bind the completed pages with a comb binder.

Available topics include: A – Z, Bible and Character pages, Famous People, Fine Arts, Geography, History, Holidays, Language Arts, and Science/Nature.  In the A – Z pages you will find pages for various animals, sports and transportation.  If you are studying Bible you will find over 50 different sets to go along with the events of the Bible from both the Old Testament and New Testament.  Famous Americans, Artists, Composers, Missionaries, and World Explorers are just some of the topics you will come across under Famous People.  There are maps and country study pages in Geography.  There are various history pages including pages for Ancient Times, Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation, and Current Times.  Besides pages for plants, animals, and other topics such as astronomy, the Science and Nature section also includes blank template & experiment pages.  Holidays include pages for various Holidays but not all of the major holidays that are celebrated in the US.  In the Language Arts section there are alphabet pages, word study pages, and various other pages that can be used for writing.

I LOVE how NotebookingPages.com has everything laid out.  It is simple to find what you need and you have some choices on how to download the files.  You can download the files individually or as a batch.  A Table of Contents and Catalog are also available!  Another awesome resource!  The catalog is something that can be downloaded and printed to have a preview of all pages available in one location.  You decide which catalogs to add and it makes it easy for you or the kids to look through and decide which pages to work on next!

NotebookingPages.com provides assistance to those new or interested in notebooking through their Free Resource Center.  In the Resource Center you will find various tutorials, free product sampler, notebooking pages, and other resources.  Once a Lifetime Membership has been purchased, there is an EasyStart Guide to guide you along the way of getting your notebook journey started.

With the Lifetime Membership you will have access to all current material as well as anything that is released in the future.  The membership is very affordable!  It is $97 for a Lifetime Membership.



Peanut working on her “K” page. (See the description below.)

Most of the pages from NotebookingPages.com that we used through the review period are the pages where the girls can draw pictures and write a sentence or two about their picture.  Peanut has a great imagination.  When I gave her the K Alphabet page and asked her to draw something that begins with the letter K.  She wanted to draw a picture of a Kangaroo.  In her picture the Kangaroo was celebrating her birthday with a birthday party.  Then Peanut decided to draw herself celebrating Kangaroo’s birthday too.  Lil’ Bit decided to draw a Monkey when she worked on her M page.  I am in the process of printing and putting together the catalog that NotebookingPages.com offers.  I find this to be a very valuable resource.  I like being able to have a glimpse of all of the pages available in one notebook!  The kids will also be able to flip through it and choose the page that they would like to work on next.  I am already planning out which pages to use next in our homeschool!


About NotebookingPages.com

NotebookingPages.com was created by fellow homeschooler Debra Reed.  Debra is a mom of 10 and has been homeschooling since 2000.

My mission is to help moms break free from busywork, burnout, and overwhelm to find the success they desire for their children and to homeschool with freedom.

Debra Reed


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Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

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