Thank you – from a mom with a child who has food allergies!

Having a child with multiple food allergies can sometimes be a bit challenging when attending events with food present.  Thankfully, we have an Epi-pen in the event that we need to use it.  Hopefully, it will never have to be used!  Reading labels has become part of my life.  A couple of things that I learned from reading labels is: One, how many different variants there are for some foods, milk being one example.  Two, apples are a common allergen and how much they are used as fillers for juices and many baby & toddler foods.  Three, how much you are limited when you need to avoid abcdef&g and most everything has at least one of the items in them.

At a former church that we attended, there was a family that came for about a month or two.  They had four girls and all four had severe food allergies.  Each of them had to carry an epi-pen.  I remember a few of the allergens were wheat, dairy, soy, and peanuts but their list of allergens was much longer than those four things.  The list of foods that were safe for them to eat was very small and the mom once said it was quicker to name what they can eat than the list of their allergens.  They couldn’t have any of the allergens in the house because even coming into contact with a drop of an allergen for a couple of the girls would send them into anaphylaxis and a lengthy hospital stay.  About two to three years later when I started to have to read labels I got a tiny glimpse into what that mother lives through on a daily basis.  Sometimes, I think about this family and wonder how they are doing.

My kids attend Awanas at my mom’s church and this week is Vacation Bible School at the church.  One of my child’s Awana teachers always brings a safe food for them to eat for snack during the Awana year.  This week one of the workers in the kitchen has made sure that my child has safe foods to eat and has approached me daily to make sure that the snacks are okay to give him.  They are making some special snacks later on in the week and she wanted to make sure that there is one that is safe for him to eat and was willing to buy ingredients to make it safe for him to eat.

From the bottom of my heart thank you to these two ladies!  It means more than you know that there are people who care enough for our child who cannot eat some of the same foods as others!

Have a very blessed rest of the week!


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