{Review} MySchoolYear.com

MySchoolYear.com Review
I have been looking for a homeschool planner that fits the needs of our family and I had the opportunity to review My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) by MySchoolYear.com.  I received an annual membership to the online planner.

MySchoolYear.com is an on-line planner for homeschool families that keeps track everyone’s schedule and homeschool information.  The planner can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection and an annual subscription is $40 per year.



Setting up a New Term is simple.  As you can see in the picture above when setting up the New Term once the start and end dates are set, school days and days off are scheduled it will calculate all of the information.  I will know how long the term is (One calendar year for us since we homeschool year round.), how many school days in the term are available, how many scheduled days off we will have, and how many actual school days we have on the schedule.  I would like to point out that I have not yet marked some of our days off that we have taken and I have not scheduled some of our days off for the fall.  The number of official school days will be closer to 180 – 200, when everything is said and done.


Homeroom gives me an overview for each of my children.  In Homeroom, I can select the term and view all of the information for the term for one of my children.  The information includes classes, attendance, events, awards, readings, extra curricular, and tests.


The planbook is the overview of all of the scheduled items.  A feature that I love and is a great asset is the search button!  I have not come across this type of search in any other on-line planners that I have tried.  Searching my planbook allows me to search by my choice of dates and then I can filter out the results after that.  I can filter by student, subject, and date, including filtering assignments that are overdue, due today, are upcoming and have no date.  I wish I could filter multiple items in each category.  For instance I can search assignments for all of the girls or one individually but I cannot filter the search for two of the three.  The same thing with the other categories you can either search one or all.  Another thing that I cannot do is print from my planbook.



There are lots of reports that are available to be created!  While we won’t be using every report option, it is nice that it is available if we need it.  This is where the copy of  the planbook can be printed! Create a report for the Lesson Plan and it creates a PDF report, which you can print and save.

Teacher’s Aids

I really like the Teacher’s Aids!  It provides reminders to add lesson plans and asks questions such as did my child earn any awards, attend any events, and what their reading list was so I can fill in the information, if I choose.

I am given the choice to fix the notice or to delete the notice.  If I choose to fix the notice, it will take me directly to the page so I can make any changes.  Once I am through with the notice I can delete it.  There are two options for deleting the notices.  By default it is set on safe delete where I will receive a confirmation before deleting the notice.  Then there is an option for the notice to be deleted without a confirmation.


MySchoolYear.com makes it easy when needing to copy the same assignment for multiple children.  This is a must for our family since multiple children are working on the same schoolwork together.  There is also an option to share assignments between MySchoolYear.com users!  I have not used the share feature between MySchoolYear.com users but this is a great option to have available!

Create-A-Plan is the place for batch planning.  I was able easily set up multiple lessons in less than a minute.  MySchoolYear.com gave me the option of rapid repeating the item (ie: chores, practices, and lessons) or using quick split and allow their software to split it up for me.  The quick split is great for dividing up book pages!

I can also reschedule lessons which is another very important and needed feature.  Sometimes something comes up at the spur of the moment (ie: funeral, doctor’s appointment, etc.) and the reschedule feature helps readjust the schedule smoothly.  I can choose to move the date ahead by however many days I need to adjust the schedule and there is a choice for adjusting all of the subjects together or one individual subject.


There are two options for tracking attendance.  MySchoolYear.com can automatically track my attendance or I can manually enter all of the information.


Setup is where all of the details such as grading, materials, students, schools are set up.  I can set up the grading scale that I want to use and change the value of the grade, including the minimum grade required for a Pass/Fail class.  All of our resources and curriculum that we own can be found in one easy spot.

I believe that I have found our planner!  We don’t use every feature but what we do use right now serves our needs.  As our children get older I anticipate on using the other features to become beneficial.  I encourage any homeschool families looking for a planner to check out My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping).  There is a small learning curve at first due to no FAQ page to answer questions such as, “How do I print my Planbook?” or “How can I reschedule my classes?”  There is a ‘Need Help?’ button that gives a brief description of what is on the page.  Other than that it is very homeschool friendly!

A 1 month free trial is available and there is a Price Lock Guarantee should you decide to subscribe to their annual membership.

UPDATE 7/16/2016:

A week and a half after I published this review, I received an email from MySchoolYear.com saying that as a result of the review they began working on video tutorials and already released their first one, Site Introduction.  I had not gotten a chance to watch the tutorial until tonight, 7/16/2016.  It is well done and walks through the different pages with a brief description.  Since then they have added 6 additional video tutorials, a FAQ page with answers to 8 questions, and a guide.  The guide is a downloadable advanced technique cheat sheet for Create-A-Plan with instructions on how to generate complex lesson plan patterns.  Thank you MySchoolYear.com for quickly adding these things!


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