Blessed Monday!

Hi everyone!  I pray that you had a blessed week!

My mom and I just got back from a road trip.  My great aunt passed away the week before last and her funeral was last week.  The kids and I were going to go up for the day to go to the funeral but when a couple of days of work got rescheduled for my husband it worked out that I could go up with my mom and spend a few days with my grandparents.  We went up Wednesday afternoon and returned home Saturday evening.

The family ate lunch together between the graveside memorial and the memorial service.  It was nice spending time with family who we don’t get to see much.


These are a few pictures that were taken while we were out with my grandparents.






This is a framed picture that my mom gave of her to my grandparents.


My grandparents live on a river and sometimes you never know what wildlife you will see in the water, on the dock, or on land.  My grandparents have pictures of alligators sunning in their yard.  When I was a child, I remember my cousin and I fishing off of the dock and he caught a baby alligator.  I think it was caught on a cane pole and remember running to go get my grandpa.  We have seen all sorts of birds and caught various fish as well.  On this trip, my mom saw an eagle but was unable to get a photo.  We also saw a manatee and a calf swimming around by the shore.



A picture of the sunset.




We were sad to leave but it was time for us to go home.  On our way home we made a detour due to an accident on the interstate.  Please be praying for this woman.  A few comments from people who are close to the person says she is in critical condition and if she survives she may be paralyzed.  Not too much further down the interstate I saw a post from one of my mom’s friends mentioning the same accident.  Come to find out we were real close to them on the road.  Didn’t think about it until afterwards but I should have taken a photo of my mom’s friend “V” waving to us as we passed her.

The kids were thrilled when mommy returned home!  We went out to dinner Saturday night and spent Sunday together as a family for Father’s Day.

Have a very blessed Monday!


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