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Sweet Pea and I had the pleasure of reviewing The Drinking Gourd E-Guide by Progeny Press.  We received one copy of The Drinking Gourd E-Guide by PDF.


Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press Review}
The Drinking Gourd E-Guide is a 34 page PDF file.  You can either print the e-guide out or use your computer or tablet to read it and print out only the pages you need.  I chose to print the entire e-guide since it was a small book.  The copyright includes permission for me to make as many copies as needed for my family.  It also gives permission for teachers to print a copy for their classroom.  I printed two copies of the guide out.  One duplexed copy for me and I printed Sweet Pea’s pages out single sided.




Priced at $11.99, The Drinking Gourd E-Guide is a great price for homeschoolers.  The low price does not mean low quality.  I found this guide to be well planned and thought out full of various activities.  The physical copy of The Drinking Gourd by F.N. Monjo (pictured above) is needed to complete this e-guide.  The book retails for $3.99 and you can buy the book directly through Progeny Press.  I had never read this book until we got this review.  Sweet Pea and I enjoyed reading this book together.  It is a book about a young boy who learns about the Underground Railroad as he and his dad helps a family with two young children continue on their journey to be free.  Read the book to see if they make it through without being caught by those who are actively seeking this family.

The e-guide starts of with a note to the instructor with information on how to use a Progeny Press Study Guide, a synopsis of The Drinking Gourd, and background information on the Underground Railroad.



One of the first activities that Sweet Pea completed was drawing a line between the states that were free of slavery and those who still have slaves.  Then she was asked to color in the states as seen in the picture above.  The free states were colored blue and the slave states were colored gray.  Next there were 10 multiple choice vocabulary words.  Every sentence had an underline word that the student needs to choose the correct meaning for.  Next there were a set of questions for every chapter with lines for the students to write their answers.  Instead of having Sweet Pea write every answer we sat down and discusses the answers.  On one of the last pages there was a hidden message game in which the students were expected to solve the secret message.  Words varying from 7 to 19 letters had to be unscrambled and filled in according to their number.  Once every word is unscrambled a group of circled letters will reveal the answer.  Sweet Pea is a little young for this activity but it is great for an older child!  An additional activity we also completed was listening to Follow the Drinking Gourd on YouTube.  It was an enjoyable song!  The book finishes up with suggestions for further reading and the answer key to the comprehension questions.  Progeny Press also offers a list of other available study guides for lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school.

I look forward to checking out additional titles that are available for purchase!


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Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press Review}

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