What a week!

I am sorry I never did get my second post about the homeschool convention published.  I just checked and it is still sitting in my drafts.  YIKES!  I will try to get that post out as quickly as possible!  It has been one of those weeks (well actually two weeks).  If we don’t have to repeat the past two weeks anytime soon I will be thankful!  So many ups and downs!

On Friday, we lost my dear aunt.  While I didn’t get to see her much I did enjoy the time I got to spend with her.  Beautiful woman both on the inside and outside.  She will be missed!

Last weekend my mom and I visited some Little Free Libraries in a city in the area and their public library that was open!  It was a Sunday and we were surprised because the libraries close to us are all closed on Sundays.  At the library I was about to find a children’s dictionary for $2!  Back to the Little Free Libraries.  We mapped out all of the locations within about a 5 miles radius.  We brought a box of books to exchange for new to us books and we also blessed us and the boxes by leaving additional books.  It is a great way to donate any books that you want to give away.  We visited 10 locations.   There are more than 10 photos but my mom took various angles of the libraries if they had special designs on multiple sides of the boxes.


We lost two chickens each about a week apart.  The one that we lost last night was a friendly one.  She would come running over to me when I went outside and stand in between my legs and follow me.  She was one of the babies (about 6 months old & a Christmas present from hubby) and hadn’t gotten a name yet.  Now thinking of it the name Shadow would have suited her because she followed me around every where I went in the yard.  The one we lost the week before was another one of our young ones.  Not much to say about him!  Yes, he was a rooster (or at least we think he was). Until the bird started “crowing” we thought it was a hen. I put crowing in quotations because it was half crowing and half wailing.  The wail sounded like the old fire engines that you see in parades.  There is still a very slim chance the bird was a hen because some hens do crow!

Other than that not much going on.  The other convention post will have a little about what happened immediately after we got home and I don’t want to spoil that!

Have a wonderful and blessed Monday and thanks for stopping by!



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