{Review} Essential Skills Advantage

Essential Skills Advantage Review
Our family had the opportunity to review the Complete Home Learning Suite by Essential Skills Advantage.  We received a one year online subscription for two students.


Essential Skills Advantage Review

The Complete Home Learning Suite by Essential Skills Advantage has over 14,000 lessons available in Math (grades K-6), Reading (grades K-6), Language & Grammar (grades K-6), Science (grades K-3), and Geography (grades 4-6).  It is all online and self paced.

The classroom is nicely laid out.  Every student is listed and there are three options to click on; Info, Marks, and Signin.  Under Info you can change your students information, including changing the password.  There is also the option to require a password.  I like the option that ESA has given us to choose whether or not we want to require a password.  Marks gives you an overview on how your students are doing, how much time they have spent on each area, and the last time they logged in.  You will see how much of each unit has been completed and the average score of each section.  You do have the option of tracking this information or not.  ESA gives a breakdown of every individual page that the child works on, how many attempts have been make, and the total time.  There is a icon for completion certificates and to create a report card.

When the girls log in on their account they select the subject (math, reading, language & grammar, science or geography), then they choose the grade level (K-6, K-3, or 4-6 depending on the subject), and then the student selects the program.  I really liked that we could choose where to start off and which grade level we wanted to work in.  In the upper left hand corner there are a set of buttons to allow easy switching between students, subjects, grades, and programs.


Essential Skills Advantage Review

I let Sweet Pea and Peanut choose what they wanted to work on.  Peanut requested math and reading activities and she thoroughly enjoyed the matching game and that was the most requested game.  Sweet Pea explored all over in science, math, reading, and spelling.  Once I logged them in they could work for the most part unassisted, even for the one who is a non reader.  There was one time when Sweet Pea answered the question correct and brought it to my attention that she was correct but it said she was wrong.  I reassured her that I knew she answered it correctly and it was alright.  The answer being marked wrong did affect her overall scoring.  The directions for every activity are read to them and there is an instructions button if they need the directions read again.  There are a variety of activities for every subject and grade level & the activities held the interest of my girls.  This program is a supplementary program and the girls have learned a lot from using it!



The Complete Home Learning Suite is an affordable program.  It is $7.99 a month for one student and an additional $0.99 per student per month.  ESA does offer other plans including plans for up to 10 students, 6 month and yearly plans.

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Essential Skills Advantage Review

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