{Review} Science Shepherd

Science Shepherd Review

My family had the blessing to be able to review Introductory Science by Science Shepherd.  Science Shepherd sent my family the Level A Introductory Science workbook, the answer key for the workbook, and gave us a 1 year subscription to the video course.

Science Shepherd’s Introductory Science is a Creation based Science curriculum for ages 6-11.  Having a Biblical Science curriculum is important to my family and all lessons are Biblically based.  There are two levels to choose from, Level A and Level B, and both use the same video course.  You will find yourself studying meteorology, geology, oceanography, plants, astronomy, and much more studied over the course of 35 weeks!  The weekly lessons are divided over 5 days but the way Science Shepherd has set up Introductory Science you can easily adapt their schedule to fit the schedule and needs of your family.

Science Shepherd Review

The lessons are open and go, with very minimal prep work.  The daily lessons are kept short, no more than about 5 minutes.  The videos are very professional.   Key points, pictures, and videos are displayed on the screens behind the gentleman speaking (it reminds me of a newscaster).  The experiments on the videos are done by kids.

After the lesson is through Sweet Pea answers a few questions from the student book and most days there is an activity or puzzle to complete.  With younger children I do suggest watching the video together and working through the questions together.  Sweet Pea is reading but she did need assistance with some of the words in the student book.  Sweet Pea loves word searches and was thrilled when she saw them in the work book.

The workbook is spiral bound, has 321 pages, and the pages are printed in black and white.  The graphics are kept to a minimum.  This is great for those who have children who may get distracted from busy pages.  The large print is great for beginning readers.  All supplies for activities are found around the house and if you by chance don’t have the items they can be found inexpensively at a local store.  The answers are found in the Answer Key which is a separate booklet.

Logging into the web interface is easy.  The student (or parent if you have younger children) will log into the web interface to access the lesson videos.  The videos are well organized and it is easy to find the video for the day you are working on.  Like the lessons in the workbook Science Shepherd has divided all of the videos to match the workbook with separate videos for every day.  We found the week we were working on and then clicked on the corresponding day’s video.  This is a very awesome setup!  I don’t have to fast forward or rewind through a video to find the lesson that we are on.  You know how it is when you fast forward or rewind a video and you go to far or not far enough and become frustrated.  This doesn’t happen with the Introductory Science videos.  I click on the daily video for that day and Sweet Pea and I watch it together.  If we need to watch the video again we can click on the play button and it is all set for us!

I asked Sweet Pea what is her favorite thing about Science Shepherd’s Introductory Science program and she exclaimed, “Everything!”  She has enjoyed everything that she has done so far and would like to continue using Introductory Science.

Science Shepherd’s Introductory Science is very affordable for homeschool families!  For one student in Level A you can spend as little as $50 for the video subscription, student book, and answer key.  Here is a breakdown of the costs:

  • $35 for a 12 month subscription to the video course
  • $5 – $15 optional extension if you need more time
  • $12 for Level A Student Book or $15 for Level B Student Book (1 book per student)
  • $3 for either Answer Key

Please visit Science Shepherd on any of their social media links and check out their great Introductory Science program.

Twitter –  https://twitter.com/scienceshepherd

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Science Shepherd Review

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