Monday Ramblings!

Happy Monday!  I pray that everyone had an awesome weekend!  We did.

One of the kids lost a tooth last week and was very excited.  We don’t do the tooth fairly but before anyone gets upset, the kids still get money for losing their teeth.  They know it comes from us instead of some person who sneaks into their room in the middle of the night to collect the tooth and replace it with money.  If you ask them about the tooth fairy (santa or the easter bunny) you will probably get a blank stare or on of the kids saying, “We don’t do that.”.


Have you been to a homeschool convention before?  If not, I cannot encourage you enough to go to at least one.  You might find yourself surprised.  Ours is coming up soon and I am so very excited!  Looking forward to the weekend away, getting to see an exhibit hall full of curriculum (I might be a little bit of a curriculum junkie), and all the marvelous workshops!  I come back so refreshed and renewed.  What a perfect way to end the school year for those who break for the summer or an awesome break for those who school year round.  If you cannot make your local convention, check to see if they offer the audio files of the workshops.  If not, you can find some on you tube, the podcasts app, or on the vendor’s websites.

One of the things I didn’t expect when I began to homeschool are the friendships that have been developed through the various groups.  For as long as I can remember I knew, without a doubt, that I would homeschool my kids.  It was something that the Lord showed me way back when I was an education major in college.  After I had Sweet Pea, I started researching curriculum, seeing what was out there, and learning more about homeschooling.  I came across a curriculum that I really liked the look at and it looked like it was a great fit for our growing family.

Christmas time comes around and they have a Secret Sister Ornament Exchange time.  You sign up, fill out a questionnaire, and send it in.  You get someone’s name and someone else gets yours.  You pray for your sister over the course of about a month and then send them an ornament.  There is a lot of fun with clues and trying to guess who you have and who other people have.  I believe I joined the ornament exchange the first year.  Since then I have been in the ornament exchange every year and have gotten to know the ladies in the group.

Another thing the group has is an annual retreat!  Yes, it does seem crazy at first.  You fly or drive somewhere to meet up with a group of homeschool moms that you have never met in person and spend the entire weekend with them.  Every year the group who attends varies and you will meet new faces as well as see old faces.  Last year, my hubby surprised me at the last minute the night before the retreat and said we had the money for me to be able to go!  This was the first year that I got to go!  It was a surprise for everyone but one person.  She kept it a surprise that I was able to come at the last minute.  I blogged about my weekend.  Click on any of the three links below and you can get a taste of the special weekend that we had!

Super Surprise 1
Super Surprise 2
Super Surprise 3

To help with the costs of this year’s retreat our group is fundraising one of the items we are selling are Yankee Candles.  I will receive 40% of sales from my link to help me with the expenses of the retreat.  There is no pressure to buy anything.  Thank you for any purchases made!  These weekends are super special and I look forward to being blessed by spending a wonderful weekend with beautiful and Godly women.

That is about it for this Monday evening.  It is getting late and with children in the house the mornings come early.  Please do check back later this week as I do have a couple of reviews that will be publishing soon.  Have a wonderful and blessed evening!


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