Happy Monday!

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  I did!

We went to Steak ‘n Shake Saturday evening as a family and ran some errands.  Then, we went to lunch and blueberry picking Sunday afternoon with some friends from church.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to church but my friend brought the gift they were handing out to the moms with her to the field.  The church gives a little something to moms on Mother’s Day.  This year it was a candle.

The girls were invited to an American Heritage Girl’s meeting and they had a BLAST.  We have been looking for a troop that is close to us for a long time.  Last time I looked the closest troop was about 45 minutes away.  There was another troop that was trying to get off of the ground closer to us but that troop never started.  Recently, I decided to try again and connected with a troop that is about 20-25 minutes from our house!  The troop is full for this year but the girls were invited to come to a meeting and see if it is something they are interested in joining in the fall.  When we got there they were beyond ecstatic to see one of their friends pull in the parking lot behind us.  They don’t see her much anymore now that her family doesn’t attend our church.  Also, one of the families from our church is in the troop.  They don’t know the girls too well but their mom was Lil’ Bit’s Awana Leader when our church had Awanas.  The level the girls visited was working on a fashion badge.  A couple of the activities were talking about modesty and then cutting out pictures from magazines and making modest outfits that they liked.  After they were through with that they broke up into groups and created outfits with plastic table cloths, duct tape, pipe cleaners, and other embellishments.  When the groups were down creating outfits they had a fashion show.  Here is a picture of my three girls and the outfits that were created.


It looks like we will be joining the troop in the fall.  Before we could even leave the church that the troop is meeting at the girls wanted to know when they would be getting their vests.  While all the other girls who were wearing the creations took their outfits off afterwards, my girls wore them to the closing ceremony and all the way home.  They wanted to show their youngest siblings and daddy their outfits they created.  Then the outfits were carefully taken off and put away in their rooms.

Have a blessed week!


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