Blueberry Picking

On Saturday, the kids and I went blueberry picking.  We went to the same farm that we got our blueberries from last year.  The little kids had fun but the two youngest had enough after about 20 minutes or so of picking blueberries.  Well those two mainly ate the blueberries.  🙂  This farm provides different size bungee cords and you can hook the buckets around you and you don’t have to carry the buckets while you are picking.  In one of the photos below, Sweet Pea is wearing three buckets (hers and the youngest two’s buckets) and a few minutes after this photo was taken she had Peanut and Lil’ Bit’s buckets around her as well.


On Sunday, we went blueberry picking as a family, minus the two youngest.  My mom watched them for the afternoon and they were thrilled to spend time there.  On the way to the blueberry farm I saw a post from one of my friends that she was blueberry picking with her kids at another blueberry farm in the area. I read the raving reviews so we decided to visit this farm.  Sunday was their first day open for u-pick.  This farm was the same price as the other farm ($3/lb) but offered a $0.50/lb discount if you picked 20 lbs or more.  They are a Christian farm.  Approx in the middle of their blueberry field they have a water table with a cooler of water and cups.  They also had someone that drove around on a golf cart and handed out small bottles of water for free!


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