My girls love racing in the Awana Grand Prix.  For those who are familiar with the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby, this is similar and Awana Clubbers design cars and race them down the track.  This is our first year racing with this Club and they have a wooden track.  The Awana Club that our girls was in prior had a metal track.  Here are some pictures from the derby, including a shot of all of the winning cars for Speed, Design, and People’s Choice.  This year Lil’ Bit received 1st in Design and Peanut received 2nd in Design.



IMG_8747  IMG_9005  IMG_9133  IMG_9111  IMG_9144  IMG_9148  IMG_9141

Every year there is a big festival in our area.  There is a street parade one weekend and the boat parade the following year.  My dad has made it a tradition to take one or two of the kids with him on every parade he is in.  Before the street parade this year it had been raining and the girls weren’t in it.  For the boat parade however he took Lil’ Bit.  She had a blast on the boat with him and the others.  In between a break doing laundry (our washer broke and was doing laundry at my parent’s house) we watched the boat parade.  My parent’s neighbor invited us to watch the parade from his dock.  My parent’s have a view of the river from their house but do not actually live on the water.  Then the neighbor invited us to crash his next door neighbor’s party.  Where the party was being held was the same house that my dad and his brother’s grew up in and one of my uncles lived there for quite a few years, after my grandparents moved, before he sold it.  It brought back memories of all of the boat parade parties my grandparents and uncle had.  We even got permission from the current owner (who my family has known for years) to take a peek in the house, which I haven’t seen since my uncle lived there.
IMG_8368  IMG_8328  IMG_8365
Don’t mind the dust in the picture below!  It has been a while since my husband and I have been riding.  I am thinking it has been about three years since I have ridden my bike.  Yikes!  This year for the oldest three birthdays we got them new bikes so we can go riding together as a family.  I have a bike trailer to carry the two littles in.  Since the last of the spring birthdays was last week all three now have their bikes.  We went out to the park yesterday to ride for a few hours.  With the youngest two in the trailer I followed Peanut and Lil’ Bit around the park while David was working with Sweet Pea to ride on two wheels!  She was riding very well by herself.  Another few times and I think she will be fine.

The last two pictures are from when Sweet Pea and Lil’ Bit had an appointment to go to and we stopped by to get donuts on the way home.

IMG_0975  IMG_0974

Have a blessed day!


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