{Review} Homeschool Copywork

Homeschool Copywork Review

My family was blessed with a Lifetime Membership from Homeschool Copywork!  I love copywork and am always looking for new copywork to print for my children for them to practice their handwriting.

Homeschool Copywork has copywork for preschool through high school!   Their site has the copywork organized in three sections:  Early Elementary Copywork, Upper Elementary Copywork, and Junior High – High School Copywork.  There is a Bonus! Products section with additional ebooks.  Every ebook is in PDF format and you are allowed to print as many copies that you need for your immediate family.  In the description for every ebook it tells you what pages are available for the particular copywork that you are looking at including if they include cursive, manuscript, etc. pages.


The Early Elementary Copywork section has over 30 ebooks.  There are Bible verses, composers, artists, and more to choose from.  Each ebook varies in length.  Some are short with just a few pages while there are some that are over 150 pages!  The lines in the Early Elementary Copywork books are large dotted handwriting lines.  Great for beginning writers!

The Upper Elementary Copywork and Junior High – High School Copywork are set up in a similar format as the Early Elementary Copywork.  Also, you will find the cursive versions of the Early Elementary Copywork in the upper grade sections.  There are poems (Tennyson and Emily Dickinson), more Bible passages, quotes and studies from famous artists and composers.  The lines in these books are regular lines verses the handwriting lines for younger children.  For the older students some ebooks include questions for further studies.

Their bonus pages are  regular lined and handwriting lined notebooking pages along with other goodies like graph bars and various pages to enhance your notebooking pages.  Some of the themes available in their bonus section are: Dogs, Valentine’s Day Notebooking Pages, and Human Life pages.




We did the 1 Corinthians 13 Manuscript Copywork from the Early Elementary Copywork section.  There are 18 pages in this ebook and the passage is broken down verse by verse with every verse having their own page.  The ESV (English Standard Version) Bible is used for scripture quotations.  The lines on the pages are a great size for beginning writers and there is a picture on every page to be colored once the verse has been copied.  At the end of the ebook there are a few blank lined pages with graphics that matched the graphics throughout the ebook.  I appreciated having these pages because some of the verses in 1 Corinthians 13 are long and additional lines are needed to copy the entire verse. You can also use these blank lined pages to copy other copywork.  1 Corinthians 13 ebook is also available in cursive and can be found in both the Upper Elementary Copywork and Junior High – High School Copywork sections.

I thought all of the pages in the 1 Corinthians ebook as well as the other ebooks that I have looked at are well done.  I look forward to using more of their copywork ebooks as well as seeing what they come out with in the future!

The Lifetime Membership gives full access to all of the current items that Homeschool Copywork has to offer to all of their members along with anything that is written in the future.  The cost of $45 for their Lifetime Membership is less than 2 years of their Annual Full Member subscription of $29.95.  If you would like to try out some of their products before subscribing to their Lifetime Membership they do have a free membership with copywork and Charlotte Mason resources.

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Homeschool Copywork Review

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