{Review} Stopmotion Explosion

Stopmotion Explosion Review

My family had the pleasure of reviewing Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit by Stopmotion Explosion.  Sweet Pea loves photography and making videos.  If she gets ahold of your camera and/or phone she will be glad to fill it up for you with anything and everything you can think of from photos to tutorial videos.  When this product came up for review I thought it would be perfect for her to start exploring in the world of animation.


Stopmotion Explosion Review

The package that was sent to us from Stopmotion Explosion included a book ‘Stopmotion Explosion: Animate ANYTHING and Make MOVIES’, software installation disc, and a small camera.

The book ‘Stopmotion Explosion: Animate ANYTHING and Make MOVIES is packed full with information about stopmotion technology.  The book is almost 300 pages!  The history of photography and making films starts off the beginning of the book.  Later they give you ideas on differ things you can use in your movie such as Lego men, silly putty, ModiBots, or even creating your own figure!  The book goes on to talk about creating stories, creating sets, and bringing your stories to life.  You will also learn about cameras, lighting, and animation.

There are several projects to create throughout the book.  My personal favorite is building an armature beginning on page 26.  He is made out of wire and other inexpensive materials.  As plain as it is this armature has an I am fun come play with me written all over it.   Dress it up however you want!




The installation of the Stopmotion Explosion very simple and quick.  Once the program is installed you are ready to start creating your own movies and animate to your heart’s content.  They do offer suggestions (both free and costs money) on pages 194 – 195 for video editing programs to use along with Stopmotion Explosion.  You can also put together your videos using their interface (this is how we did ours).

The kit includes a basic webcam that is good to start off  with.  The manual focus did take a little getting use to and sometimes tricky to adjust it without moving it.  The webcam has a nice long cable (4.5 feet).  I like the option of attaching it to something or standing it up. You can hook up your own camera if you choose.  There are directions in the book about using a DSL and what kind of lens and filter you should use.

Camera Specs of the camera included in the kit:

  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Quality optics with manual focus down to 3cm
  • Full control of exposure, color, and white balance
  • Attach to any surface with handy grip mount
  • Cord length: 4 1/2 feet
  • Compatible with Skype, and other video chatting applications
  • New!  Built-in microphone for sound recording

This is Sweet Pea’s very first video

This video took 100 shots to complete.  We were both happy with the first attempt and we both learned things to improve for future videos.

Sweet Pea is having a blast using this program.  Remember earlier when I mentioned that she loves doing videos?  Sometimes I or my mom will find videos of her making faces at the camera.  She thought it was so cool to use our computer’s camera with the Stopmotion Explosion software and make video using still shots of her moving around and making faces.

From mom’s perspective … I think the possibilities are endless with what you can create with Stopmotion Explosion!  Younger children will most likely need mom & dad’s assistance or the assistance of someone older but it is a great project to work on together as a family!  I think I had just as much fun as Sweet Pea did with learning how to animate items.  I look forward to what will be created next!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stopmotion-Explosion-104732269687187
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stopmoexplosion

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Stopmotion Explosion Review

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2 thoughts on “{Review} Stopmotion Explosion

  1. This definitely looks like so much fun. With summer coming and schools out, this would be a great learning activity while having fun.


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