Fun Monday!

I pray that this finds everyone well!

We had a fun Monday!  My parents took my oldest three to the local carnival tonight.  The carnival comes annually as part of a festival that has been done for decades.  They have a wrist band that you can buy and you can ride all of the rides as much as you want for the day.   The girls had a blast (for the most part).  There were a couple of rides that were not liked.


IMG_0811   IMG_0810



Last week and also today we received review items in the mail.  The one that we received last week (Kwik Stix) has been a big hit with the kids!  Yes!  The paint really dries quickly!  When the girls want to paint with Kwik Stix I don’t mind at all!  No water, no mess, and dries quickly!  Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization from IEW arrived today.  I am looking forward to this product.   We will be memorizing poems and in level 1 (which is where we are starting) there are a few Robert Louis Stevenson poems!





I don’t know if you have seen the video being shared on Facebook or a pin on Pinterest about baking eggs to get hard boiled eggs but it does work!  I decided to take two dozen eggs and stick them in the Pampered Chef mini muffin pan and bake them at 325 degrees for 30 minutes.  Then they are supposed to sit in ice water for 10 minutes.  I didn’t stick them in the ice water for that long.  I had to run an errand and stuck them in the ice water for a few minutes and then put them in the fridge.  It worked!  I haven’t had any yet but others in my family have given thumbs up!  I will mention that when I peeled some they did have a couple little brown spots (my guess is from where they were touching the pan).


Have a blessed day!





One thought on “Fun Monday!

  1. The painting looks like fun. Thanks for telling me about the new way to use Pampered Chef mini muffin pan, I will share this with my customers.


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