{Review} Memoria Press – 2nd Grade Literature Guide Set

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review
My family and I had the opportunity to review the Second Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press.  Memoria Press blessed our family with the entire Second Grade Literature Set!


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

The Second Grade Literature Guide Set consists of five Student Study Guides and the Teacher Key. The books studied in this set are Animal Folk Tales of America, Prairie School, The Courage of Sarah Noble, Little House in the Big Woods, and Tales from Beatrix Potter. Memoria Press offers the Second Grade Literature Guide Set with the novels for $115.00 and $65.00 without the novels.  If you only need the individual student guides they are $11.95 each and the Teacher Key is available for $12.95.  The Student Study Guides are consumable and you will need to purchase additional student guides for every student.


We were allowed to select which novel we wanted to study from the set and we chose The Courage of Sarah Noble.  It was one of two books that our library system had.  The other three were available via the inter library loan.


There are eleven chapters in The Courage of Sarah Noble. The study guide has activities to do for every chapter and three honors activities in the book.  Activities in the book include: Pronounce and Spell, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions, and various activities.  The Honors Activities are answering questions about specific details from the chapters, illustrating a scene from the book, and studying characters.

In each Pronounce & Spell section you are given 12 words to review with your student.  This is so your student will recognize these words when you come across them in the chapters.  I like how the activities for each chapter could easily be done in one session.  You can easily complete multiple chapters in a week in the study guide for The Courage of Sarah Noble.

In the vocabulary section there is a sentence with the vocabulary word written in bold.  The students are expected to define the word or phrase.  Comprehension Questions for the younger children should be orally answered and then written down afterwards.  There are 5-7 questions in this section for every chapter.  The teaching guidelines suggest that while every question should be answered orally, you do not have to have your student then write everyone down.  In the Activities section the students are asked to write a short book report on the book.  In another chapter they are encouraged to learn more about the Indians that lived in Massachusetts during the time that the story took place.  I like how it gets the students to think  more into depth.

The Second Grade Literature Answer Key contains the answers to all five of the student study books in one coil bound book. I like that it is in just one book and there isn’t separate answer books for each novel.  Every page is a copy of two pages from each study guide with the answers filled in.

A little about the other four Student Study Guides in the Second Grade Literature Set.  They are set up similar to the Student Study Guide for The Courage of Sarah Noble.  They have pronounce and spell, comprehension questions, vocabulary, and other activities.  Even though these guides are a part of the 2nd grade literature set older elementary school students can benefit from these great study guides.  Each guide is set up to take approximately 6 weeks and using all five of the guides will give you a year’s worth of literature studies.  I am looking forward to completing the other books with Sweet Pea and appreciate Memoria Press sending the entire 2nd grade literature set for the review!

About Memoria Press – Memoria Press offers a variety of classical Christian courses for homeschools and private schools.  You will find something for preschool through 12th grade.  Along with classical studies you will find curriculum for many subjects from literature to languages to logic and more!


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