{Review} Logic of English – Essentials 2nd Edition

Logic of English Review

My family and I had the wonderful pleasure of reviewing Logic of English Essentials 2nd Edition. We received Volume 1 of Logic of English Essentials 2nd Edition and the Essentials Reader.


Logic of English Review

In Essentials 2nd edition, Logic of English updated their program and divided it into two volumes. According to their website, Logic of English Essentials Volume 2 (Lessons 16-30) will be available in January 2017.  Essentials is for students 7 and older.


What is included in Volume 1 ?

Included in the set are:

  • Essentials Teacher’s Guide, Volume 1
  • Essentials Student Workbook, Volume 1
  • Spelling Journal
  • Morpheme Cards, Set 1
  • Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Spelling Rule Flash Cards
  • Grammar Flash Cards
  • Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Phonogram Game Cards: Bookface
  • Phonogram Game Cards: Manuscript or Cursive
  • Phonogram Game Tiles
  • Spelling Analysis Card
  • Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference

Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide is a huge book!  While a very large book it is teacher friendly, organized, and has everything laid out for you.  Throughout the entire book there are notes in the margins.  They give teacher’s tips, materials needed, optional practice, and other notes.

Every lesson is divided into five days and designed to take 30-45 minutes and you can adjust the schedule to fit the needs of your child(ren).  It is also encouraged to slow the pace down and spend more time on the games and dictation, if you have a struggling student.

There is a placement test on pages 44 – 47.  This test will help determine which level you should follow in the book and also if the pre-lessons are recommended before starting lesson 1.  The levels are designed in such a way that you move interchangeably between the levels when needed and design a custom fit for every individual student that you are teaching.

The Pre-Lessons use Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Book or Reason of Handwriting Cursive Book, depending on which you would like your student to use.  I did eventually purchase the Reason of Handwriting Cursive PDF Book for Sweet Pea to use.  We have taught the girls how to write in manuscript as it is what is traditionally taught first.  Logic of English has some excellent points on why cursive should be taught first. I love that Logic of English has multiple sized lines that Sweet Pea can choose from when practicing her handwriting.  When she first saw all of the lines on the page she hesitated until she learned she only had to write on one of the lines and then she eagerly did her handwriting with a smile on her face.

The two handwriting courses are both full courses.  There are four recommended supplements for each of the books (Tactile Cards for cursive or manuscript, Quick Reference for cursive or manuscript, Desk Strip for cursive or manuscript, and a Student Whiteboard).   The handwriting books are very inexpensive.  Each version is $10, per student, for the print copy or $8 for the Single Student/Family License PDF copy.

Here is a copy of their digital policy:

Copyright Notice: Our digital downloads come with a limited reproduction license. Licensed users may use the files on any device or computer and may print them, but may not sell, share, copy, transfer, or distribute files or prints to people not covered by the license.

Single Student/Family License: This digital license is for use by ONE student or the members of ONE immediate family, including parents, children, and grandparents. If you are teaching additional students, you must purchase an additional Single Student/Family License, or purchase the Limited Reproduction Annual Classroom License.

A classroom license is also available.

At the back of the book there are lists with everything taught in the book.   You have a list of Basic Phonograms, Spelling Rules, Advanced Phonograms, List of Morphemes, Grammar – Parts of Speech, Grammar – Sentences and Clauses, Grammar – Punctuation, Index of Spelling Words.  The General Index finishes the book.


Student Workbook

You will need one student workbook per student, as these books are consumable.  The student workbook for volume 1 is 315 pages. You have the choice to perforate the pages or keep them in the book. They are also not hole punched so you have the choice of hole punching them or punching them with the binding of your choice if you choose to take them out of the book.  In the student book there are activities and games, spelling lists and dictation pages.  Some of the pages are specific to the level the student is on so you may not use all of the pages from the student workbook.


Spelling Journal

The Spelling Journal is a neat resource!  Your student will create a Spelling Reference book.  As they learn the sounds and rules they will fill out the information in the journal.  This book will be handy to keep as a resource long after they complete the program!


Flash Cards

The flash cards that came with Logic of English Essentials 2nd edition are: Morpheme Cards Set 1, Basic Phonogram Flash Cards, Spelling Rule Flash Cards, Grammar Flash Cards, Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards, Phonogram Game Cards: Bookface, and Phonogram Game Cards: Manuscript or Cursive.

The flash cards are durable.  They do not need to be laminated but I chose to laminate them for additional durability and protection.  I have five young children and I like to laminate any flash cards that come into our house!  If you choose to laminate the flash cards do be prepared for it to take a few hours of your time.  If they do get mixed (like mine did) they are very easy to sort.  The larger flash cards (Morpheme, Basic Phonogram, Spelling Rules, Grammar, and Advanced Phonogram) each have a different colored strip at the top and which card set they are from.  They also have further identifying information (ie: ‘Rule 10’ and ‘Grammar Card 2’)  The two Phonogram Game Cards (Bookface & Cursive), while not marked which are which, they are printed in two different colors.  Bookface is printed in blue and cursive is printed in green.  If you select manuscript cards instead of cursive cards the manuscript cards are red.


Phonogram Game Tiles

The Phonogram Game Tiles are created similar to game pieces you will find in the majority of board games.  They are used in lessons and also games like Phonogram Bingo.  One of the activities using the Phonogram Game Tiles during a lesson is to use the tiles to write out the spelling words.


Spelling Analysis Card & Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference

The Spelling Analysis Card & Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference are handy tools to have available.  The Spelling Analysis Card is a double sided card about the length of a bookmark and double the width.  It is a reference tool for the teacher with the steps to take when spelling a word.  With the Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference, your student can quickly glance at all of the spelling rules or the phonograms and the reference also has a summary of how to add a suffix to any word.


Essentials Reader

In addition to the Essentials 2nd Edition that Logic of English sent to my family we were also sent PDF copies of The Essentials Reader, Teacher’s Guide: Companion to the Essentials Reader, and Student Activity Book: Companion to the Essentials Reader.  I printed and bound the three books.



As the title of the activity book and teacher’s guide say they are companions to The Essentials Reader.  Combined all three books compliment the Logic of English Essentials 2nd Edition curriculum and are intended to be used with the curriculum.  Every lesson has a passage in the Essentials Reader to read and a few pages of work to do in the activity book, including copying a few sentences in cursive and/or manuscript.  The passages get longer as you progress through the reader and a young reader may need some assistance in reading the passage.  The majority of the pictures in The Essentials Reader are done in color.

The Essentials Reader PDF is $17.60 for a single student/family license (limited classroom license also available).  The Student Activity Book is $9.60 for a single student/family license (annual classroom license also available).


What We Thought

The Teacher’s Guide was a bit overwhelming at first.  It is the size of a high school or college textbook.  Don’t let the 632 pages scare you off!  Be prepared to take some time to look through everything before starting.  I like that there are multiple subjects (Reading, Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary) combined into one book.  I found the teacher’s tips and other notes in the margins to be very helpful.  Another added bonus is you can adjust the schedule to accommodate your schedule to fit the needs of your students.  They encourage to slow down the pace if needed!  Another favorite is the multi-level and we can work on the same thing but at the level for each particular student.  Sweet Pea enjoys games and I like that there are a variety of games available for her to play using the flash cards and phonogram tiles.


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