{Review} Grapevine Studies – The Resurrection

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}
I had the pleasure of reviewing The Resurrection by Grapevine Studies.  The timing of the review is excellent with Easter coming up!  I have heard of Grapevine Studies but never used any of their Bible studies before.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}
We received e-books of The Resurrection Teacher’s Multi-Level Teacher’s Book, The Resurrection Multi-Level Student Book, and the Resurrection Multi-Level Student Traceable Book.  The only difference between the two student books is in the traceable book the drawings are on the pages for the students to trace and the other book has a blank area for the students to draw the figures themselves.  After looking at both student books The Resurrection Multi-Level Student Traceable Book was the best fit for my girls (ages 8, 6, & 5).  I printed and bound the student books and teacher guide.

The teacher’s book is completely laid out and you can pick it up and go.  A daily and weekly schedule options are given as suggestions in the teacher’s guide.  The daily schedule is spread over the course of four days and the weekly schedule has a suggested amount of time you should spend on each section.  You can choose either option or come up with a different schedule that fits your family.

I absolutely love that as a part of preparation for the class the first thing that is suggested is spending time in prayer with God and reading the scriptures that are apart of the lesson notes.  Nothing is more important than spending time with our Lord in prayer and in His word!

The supply list is very short and we had all of everything already in the house!!

  •  Bible
  •  Teacher’s Book
  • Student Book
  • dry erase board
  • dry erase markers
  • colored pencils
  •  atlas of Bible lands
  • Bible dictionary

The guide goes on to explain each section and what to expect when teaching. the timeline narrative, lesson goals, and key points.  The lesson pages are next in the guide.  Everything is there for the teacher.  There are Bible verses to read and discussion paragraph to discuss.  Since my girls are doing the traceable student book I allowed them to trace the figures while I read the Bible verses and talked about the drawing.  Then after the lesson page was completed we reviewed the pictures and discussed each one again.  There is a vocab list to look up in a Bible dictionary along with Bible verses to accompany them.  Also, included on the lesson pages are a copy of the complete student page and space for you to write any notes.  At the end of every lesson you will find lesson review questions with answers and a drawing review page.  On the drawing review page in the teacher’s book there is a sample picture in the box.


In the student books you will find a time line page, lesson pages for 9 lessons, final review, and a map.  In each of the lessons there is a timeline review (except lesson 1 will not have one), a Memory Verse Review, 2 lesson pages, and a drawing review page.  Every student will review a portion of the timeline that is done on day 1 and review prior memory verses.  I like the way the memory verse review is set up.  The students are introduced to a new memory verse during every lesson.  Then during the following lesson the student will review the memory verse that they learned during the last lesson and then review the two prior memory verses.  They will also be introduced to a new verse that week.  When it comes time to review the memory verses the following lesson the oldest memory verse will drop off the list and the memory verse learned in the last lesson added to the top.  Students are given the opportunity to draw their favorite part of the lesson that they just studied and then recite or write out the newest memory verse.  I had my girls recite the memory verse and I wrote it in their student book since they get other handwriting practice throughout the week.  My girls get excited when some of the memory verses in The Resurrection are also verses that they learned in Awanas.  There are 64 final review questions in the back of the student book.  You can either have the student write the answers next to the question on the page or on a separate piece of paper.  The answers are found in the back of the teacher’s book.  The student does the complete timeline one more time.  The final page is the map.  The map will be filled out throughout the lessons.

My girls and I have enjoyed this Bible study!  On their own time all three of the girls have drawn what they have learned on paper.  I look forward to additional studies from Grapevine Studies!  Below are their available stick figure Bible studies along with a ‘Where Do I Start’ chart.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

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Have a blessed day!

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

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