{Review} Here to Help Learning – Flight 1 Paragraph Writing

Here to Help Learning Review

Are you looking for a fun Christian writing program for your child(ren) in grades 1-6?  Is your co-op looking for an engaging writing program?   Would the children like to publish their own book?  Here to Help Learning is here to help!  This is an amazing writing program for homeschool families and co-ops!  The opportunity became available to review a yearly on-line subscription for my family.  We are doing Flight 1 Paragraph Writing.

Here to Help Learning Review
I first met the Mora family (They are a homeschool family!) and Here to Help Learning at my local homeschool convention in 2014.  Those who have gone to conventions know how intimidating and overwhelming they can be, especially the first one!  My local homeschool convention, with over 15,000 people attending, is the largest homeschool convention in the country.  On Friday, Here to Help Learning was one of the booths that I stopped at.  Their green screen was what grabbed my attention.  There were kids having fun with it and I remember thinking how much my older girls (6, 5, & 4 at the time) would have enjoyed it if they were there.  As I was watching them Mr. Mora approached my husband and I.  He spent a great deal of time with us and answering any questions that we had.  No pressure to purchase.  We went back the next day to ask additional questions and the thing that has stuck with me since then was that Mr. Mora remembered us!  I am sure that he saw thousands of people between the time we were at the booth on Friday and when we returned on Saturday but he remembered a couple of specific things that were said on Friday.  That left an impression and meant a lot to me.

Here to Help Learning Review
My girls, now 8, 6.5, and 5.5, are starting at the beginning in Flight 1 Paragraph Writing and are thoroughly enjoying it!  Lessons are set up to do one lesson a week over the course of two days and has an aviation theme.  The class is taught on video.   Lessons are approximately 20-30 minutes in total length (not including when you are asked to pause the video to complete an assigned task).  Perfect length for young children!  Mora is joined by Captain Knucklehead and children in the lessons.  Mrs. Mora and the rest of the Here to Help Learning family keeps the lessons fun, entertaining, and most important God honoring!

Every lesson is organized in five sections:

  • Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Flight Check-In (Beginning of Class)
  • Take-Off (Writing Process)
  • Full Throttle (Hands-on)
  • Flying Solo (Homework)

In Pre-Flight Checklist Mrs. Mora reminds the teachers to make sure they are prepared before beginning the class.  I like having the reminder in case I forget to grab something beforehand.  We are asked to read through the upcoming lesson sheet (included with the student pages) to prepare to help the student with their work.

During Flight Check-In, your students will check in their Flying Solo work, “Discovery Tickets” will be handed out, new material is inserted into the student’s notebook, and review the memory verse, Colossians 3:17.  Sweet Pea has Colossians 3:17 memorized and the other two are working on memorizing the verse.

Sentence-No Sentence is a game played during Take-Off.  My girls are enjoying this game and giggle a lot during it.  I say a sentence or an incomplete sentence and my girls tell me whether it is a sentence or not by giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  There are two other rounds that are also available for the game.  One is where a student decides on a sentence or incomplete sentence and the other students give their answer and the other round is where the teacher offers phrases and the students must fix them.  During this time there may be a writing warm-up page.  On this page there is a silly photo.  The students are asked to look at the photo and choose 6 words that describe the picture and write them in the word box.  After six words are written in the word box the student is then asked to use them in a sentence or create a story.  It is okay if the parent modifies it for the student or allows the student to dictate the sentences and the parent writes the answers down.  I choose to have my girls copy the words on the provided lines and practice writing.  Here to Help Learning provides plenty of handwriting lines for students to use every word in a sentence or create a story.


Full throttle is the hands on part of the lesson and students are introduced to new concepts.  For example in Lesson 4 students are introduced to attention-getter and closing sentences, colorful and transitional words, and learn how to write their very first rough draft.  In Lesson 5 students share what they have written so far and also learn about the rules of respect.

Before the end of the lesson the Flying Solo Assignment is assigned and reviewed together.  The student is then expected to complete the assignment(s) on another day or in the case of a co-op doing the work at home.  The parents again are allowed to write the dictated words down on the assignment pages.  The assignments are turned in during the beginning of the next lesson.

Here to Help Learning online subscription is very affordable and you have access to all six levels for your entire family.  The price is for your entire family for the year, not per student, or per level!  It is $6.99 per month and there is also offer a 24 hour pass for FREE and no credit card required to try it out!  The student pages are very inexpensive to print but if you would rather have Here to Help Learning print the pages, the workbooks are available in their shop.  If you don’t have an internet connection or you have a connection that doesn’t stream videos well there is a DVD and workbook combination available for every level!  Each set is $89.99 and comes with the lessons on DVD, a teacher’s guide and one student workbook.  Each additional student workbook is $19.99.  If you are interested in using Here to Help Learning in your co-op please check the co-op FAQ page for more information.

If you are attending a homeschool convention this year and Here to Help Learning is there please stop by their booth to say hello and check out this great writing program!

Website: http://heretohelplearning.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heretohelplearning
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hthltweets
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/heretohelp1
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HereToHelpLearning


Have a very blessed day!


Here to Help Learning Review

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