Happy Friday!

Wow!  It is hard to believe we are in the middle of February!  I pray that everyone had an awesome week!

This week during their writing warm-ups one of my kids was asking help spelling a word and there were two l’s next to each other in the word and the child exclaims, “It has LL just like in Spanish!”  The picture below is two of my girls working on writing.


This week I, along with other homeschool bloggers, received a nice package from Logic of English for an upcoming review.  WOW!  I received Essentials Vol. 1 and will be reviewing it with Sweet Pea.  I also received the Essentials Reader PDF supplement.  I have printed everything digitally that I have received and am working on binding everything.  Picture below is the Essentials Reader that I bound.


Sweet Pea is learning how to use the Math U See blocks.  Math U See is another review on our family’s schedule!  So far Sweet Pea is enjoying it and the other two will be beginning next week, when their student books arrive.


For the Amazing Race fans out there the new season began tonight!  It looks like it will be a fun season.  All of the teams have at least one person on the team that have a YouTube Channel.  They started off the season a bit interesting with all teams flying to Mexico City from different cities in the US.  If you missed tonight’s show CBS should be posting it to their website at some point tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Saturday!








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