Happy Friday!

Hello everyone!  I pray that everyone is doing well!

This week has been a busy one!  I began last weekend at the hospital welcoming a nephew into the family!  I love being at births!  It is such a special time welcoming new babies into the world.  It was a blessing to be asked to be there!  My sis rocked and I am very proud of her!!  I also had the privilege of being at the births of my two nieces.  When I was at the eldest sister’s birth I was 39+2 weeks pregnant with my youngest daughter.  I was on the schedule to be admitted the evening she was born.  In December, I saw an article circulating Facebook about sister-in-laws that had babies on the same day, just hours apart, at the same hospital, with the same OB.  That was my sister-in-law and myself except our deliveries were a day apart.  🙂  It kept our nurses on their toes because we had the same last name, both had girls, same OB, and used the same pediatrician’s office.

Spent the rest of the weekend reading a book that I will be posting a review on soon and running errands after church.  We got a few more baby chicks!  During the week we stayed busy as usual.  The kids had Awanas.  Sweet Pea is stoked that she finished Book 2 in Sparks and just has to do the review so she can go to Book 3.  We finally found Peanut’s book, in a very safe location where we put it so we wouldn’t lose it.  The kid’s switched to another church for Awanas since our church no longer has an Awana program and they wanted to continue with Awanas. We needed her book to show exactly where she left off last year and couldn’t find it.  BTW, it was in the file cabinet.

I decided to pull out water beads this week.  At the homeschool conference this fall The Homegrown Preschooler {not an affiliate link} was there and selling water beads in holiday sets and we bought a set.  The set included Christmas, Independence Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.  I did the Christmas set first (sorry no pictures) and we needed some more water beads so I did the Valentine’s Day set as well.   Sharing some of the pictures from the process of prepping them.

IMG_7952Water Beads – Holiday Set

Pouring the package of water beads into cold water.

All in the water.

~30 minutes in the water.

~ 1 hr & 20 minutes in the water.

~ 4 hours in the water.

IMG_7949‘Lil Bit enjoying the water beads.

Other photos from this week.


Have a very blessed weekend!


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