Loss of a friend

When I found Tapestry of Grace about 6 years ago I didn’t expect to gain the friendships that I have.  Before I joined the group some of the members began a Secret Sisters ornament exchange group where every December those who wish to participate are assigned a secret sister to pray for and send an ornament.  The Secret Sister group is more than just that month time frame of filling out the application, waiting for and receiving our assignments, praying for our secret sister and her request(s), and sending the package, with the revelation.  We talk throughout the year, sharing things going on in our lives, asking for prayers, and the famous annual Super Meet.  We laugh, cry, celebrate, and mourn with each other.  Even when the Lord moves one of us on to other curriculum, graduates the last child, or even placing the child/children into a public or private school we are always welcomed to stay in this group.  This group is so very special!!

Last week we lost one of our own.  One of our beautiful friends fell ill and lost her life.  She was a mom with three beautiful children!  It still doesn’t feel real and I am still at a loss for words.  My Facebook feed has been filled with wonderful memories of her shared by people that she has touched.  When I go to her page it is full as well.  She was a beautiful person inside and out!  She will be missed!

Have a blessed week!


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