New Tradition

This year we are starting a new tradition.  I found a book a day countdown to Christmas on Pinterest.  Take 24 or 25 books, depending on if you want your last book to be read on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and wrap them up.  You unwrap one a day and read them together as a family.

My goal was to find 24 + books that have Jesus’ birth in them.  I was able to get about half and so I chose some of our other books that focus on events that occurred in the Bible.  I will continue gathering more as I come across them to grow our library.

I chose a plain blue and white Merry Christmas wrapping paper to wrap the books.



We are opening one a night and every night a different child is choosing the book from the pile and they get to unwrap the book.  We are going from youngest to oldest.

The books opened so far:

  1. A Star So Bright: A Christmas Tale by M. Christina Butler
  2. Adam and Eve in the Garden (Adán y Eva en el jardín) by Zondervan
  3. The Story of Jesus for Young Children retold by Heather Amery
  4. The Drummer Boy by Ted Dekker
  5. The Berenstain Bears’ Old-Fashioned Christmas by Jan & Mike Berenstain

The above links are NOT affiliate links.  I am just sharing where you can find them.

The kids are enjoying getting to select the book of the night and reading together as a family.

Have a blessed day!



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