{Review} Handwriting Workbook: Funny Printing Workbook with Sight Words and Coloring Pages

I was given the opportunity to review ‘Handwriting Workbook: Funny Printing Workbook with Sight Words and Coloring Pages’ by Tip Top Education.  I received this book in exchange for my honest review.  This is my honest review.  All links shared in this post are NOT affiliate links and is a link to the page where it can be found.



This is a very nice workbook!  The sturdy cover is printed in color but everything else in the book is printed in black & white, with simple pictures.  I really love that the book is simple with simple, non-distracting, b&w photos.  The only thing I wished it had was perforated pages for easy removal.  I like to take pages out of workbooks and place them in my children’s folders for the week.

The workbook is divided into four parts:

Part 1: Letters of the Alphabet and Words with Short Vowel Sounds
Part 2: Letters of the Alphabet and Words with Long Vowel Sounds
Part 3: Words with Blends, Digraphs, and Diphthongs Reviewing the Alphabet
Part 4: Fun Stories with Sight Words (Over 100 Sight Words included)

Each of the first two parts contain 26 handwriting practice pages along with 1 reference chart.  There is a page for each letter of the alphabet.  The child practices both upper and lower case on each page along with sight words.  The pages in Part 1 are a little bit longer in the amount of writing required.  This may be a little overwhelming for either a brand new writer or for those who don’t like to write.  That can be resolved by covering up the page so they only see a little at a time.  The pages in parts 2-4 are a great length!

In Part 3 there are a couple of pages where the child practices writing the letters but mostly there are pages practicing writing sight words.  In Part 4 the child practices writing the sight words by copying sentences.  An example: “Uncle uses words that start with u, like under and upon.”  There is also a picture that has the option of being colored.

It is a great workbook and a great addition to any writing or reading curriculum!

Have a blessed day!


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