Homeschool Conventions and Conferences

As I sat down to write this post I just realized I never blogged about this year’s convention, after I attended the convention.  I did write one post, Marvelous Monday, before the convention.  Here is my experience about my First Convention in 2014.  My local homeschool convention is the largest convention in the country.  It can be overwhelming the first time you attend.  It honestly isn’t bad the second year because you already know what to expect.

This year I got to attend a lot more workshops than last year.  🙂  I joined a couple of ladies from my church for a couple of the workshops.  The show floor was just as crazy but I wasn’t overwhelmed when walking it to it this year.  🙂  My hubby and I spoke with Señor Gamache at La Clase Divertida and purchased Level 1.  Here is my review of Level 1.  He was also one of the workshop speakers.  I missed his workshop (and I cannot remember why because it was on my list to be there) but I have listened to the audio file of it.  Like last year, I recommend buying audio files of the convention workshops so you can listen to the other workshops that you didn’t attend.  I play them in the car and also while I am doing things around the house.  There were a few other companies that I hadn’t seen before and there were a few others who I hoped would be there but they were not.

I do recommend fitting conventions and conferences into the budget if at all possible.  If you cannot make it to a convention then check out if there are any conferences in your area.  They tend to be smaller and less expensive and you won’t have to travel as far and may be able to make it a day trip.

The FPEA is has a Special Needs Conference for Gifted and Struggling Learners this weekend in Orlando.  Andrew Pudewa from IEW, Hal and Melanie Young, and Heather Laurie are a few speakers who are supposed to be there!   There is only one day of workshops with an actual lunch break in the schedule compared to two full days and no lunch break scheduled at the convention in May.  I cannot compare the show floor because FPEA has not posted a list of who is going to be there.  I am guessing it is going to be a lot smaller than the convention in May.

Have a blessed Wednesday!


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