Hi everyone!

I pray that everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We did!  My husband had an unexpected day off from work.  He gets the occasional bonus days when he finishes up at a job site and there are no other job sites ready.  We spent Friday doing errands that we originally had planned for Saturday and hanging around the house.

On Saturday, we had a wonderful surprise!  ‘Lil Bit’s SS (or a secret sister elf) made a surprise drop off with some gifts for ‘Lil Bit.  There was a red and black checkered basket filled with goodies.  There was a very sweet letter from her secret sister, a lady bug deck of cards, a bouncy ball with a red octopus that lights up when bounced, a sticker book of dinosaurs that you use the stickers to create their faces, a stuffed strawberry, a huge box of crayons, and chocolate chip cookies.  ‘Lil Bit was thrilled.




We spent the remainder of Saturday going to a couple of flea markets as a family, going to dinner, and treating the kids to ice cream.  Today (Sunday) we went to church and then I ran over to a garage sale in the neighborhood.  I found clothes for 50 cents each and they had a small box of K’Nex roller coaster pieces for $2.  I mainly wanted it for the K’Nex motor that was in the box so we could have a spare motor.  I also went to Books-A-Million to look for some books.  We are starting a new tradition in December.  We are going to wrap 24 books, everyday we will unwrap a book, and then read it as a family.  We, surprisingly, do not own many books about Christmas.  So I am on the hunt to buy some.  Here are four of the books that I bought.

The First Christmas Night by Keith Christopher
The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg
A Star So Bright by M. Christina Butler
A Child is Born by Marc-Alexander Schulze

Three of the four were in their bargain bin for $3.97 each before my 20% educator discount.  Do check the bargain bin first because a couple of those books were up front for full price!

Have a very blessed night and a great week!


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