Missing Eggs – We Found Some!

We have chickens and the past few weeks we have seen a decline in eggs in their coop.  We haven’t been able to figure out where they are all going!  Some days (like today) we only had 2 in the coop and other days only 6-8 over a couple of days and we should have more!  We know we are missing our Easter Egg layer’s eggs because she is the only one that lays the blue-green eggs.  The rest of the bird lay brown eggs.  We have solved part of the mystery!  My husband found some tonight in a bucket close to where their food is.


These are the eggs of either multiple birds for a few days or one bird for almost two weeks.  We are not sure which.  Thankfully the bird hasn’t pecked at their eggs if it is only one bird’s stash of eggs.  No Easter Eggs in that bunch so we are still not sure where she is laying.  Hopefully, we will find them soon!

Have a blessed evening!


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