Super Surprise! – Part 3

This is Part 3 of my weekend retreat.  If you have missed the first two here is Part 1 & Part 2.

After the wonderful fellowship at the craft bazaar we went back to the hangout villa for dinner.  More yummy food and sadly I have no pictures the food.  😦

We had the famous bonfire and prayer time.  It is a special time that has become a tradition for the group.  We did run into some hiccups when things for the bonfire were supposed to be there but were not.  That didn’t damper anything as it gave us some extra special bonding time while waiting for Callaway Gardens to bring the supplies.  In post 2 I mentioned I found my camera mounts for my tripod recently so I brought the tripod with me to the bonfire.  I am so glad that I did because we were able to take a group shot with everyone in it!  I was also able to get some photos of the group fellowshipping while we were waiting!  By the time we were done with prayer time it was close to midnight and everyone was ready to head back to the villas!

The next morning was a bit sad because the first people were leaving to return home.

A group of us went back over to Callaway Gardens.  A few people wanted to go on Callaway Gardens Treetop Adventure.  I went to help with the baby (one of my friends cutie pies) but I got delayed getting there and so I wound up taking some photos and videos and cheering the ladies on instead!  It looked fun and I texted David telling him that he and I should go there sometime and do that!  🙂  For those who don’t know me that is usually not my cup of tea!  The ladies went on the short course which takes about 40 minutes.  There were 5 zip lines and about 20ish other challenges.

After the ladies were done we went over to the Discovery Center to their gift shop.  I found it!  I found my secret sister’s ornament!  I don’t have my secret sister yet but I have her ornament!  🙂  I looked through the ornaments that they had out but nothing said “that’s the one”.  I asked the lady who was working at the counter if they had any ornaments.  She said that they didn’t have their Christmas stuff out yet but showed me the ones that they had out, including a couple of Callaway Gardens Ornaments.  I briefly explained that I was looking for a special ornament for my secret sister.  She said hold on a minute.  She explained that she wasn’t supposed to do this but she brought out a couple of ornaments that will be coming out when they set up their Christmas merchandise.  One of the ornaments that she brought out was it!  I pray that she doesn’t get into trouble for selling a couple of ornaments early (someone else bought the other ornament that she brought out).  I did also buy one of the Callaway Gardens ornaments that was already out for my family.

We then spent some time just chatting while we were waiting to catch up with some others from our group.  On our way to lunch we stopped by the Sibley Horticultural Center.  They had a Collegiate Football Topiary Display,








They had a football field display and had Albert (UF’s mascot) and the LSU topiary on the field.

After we were finished we went to lunch at small littler diner.  Sorry no pictures either.  😦  For someone who loves to take pictures I realize how many photos I didn’t take this whole trip!  I stayed a lot longer than planned (since I had a long drive home) but it was well worth getting to spend more time with new friends!

The ride home was uneventful until the road was closed down to one lane and the backup was a mile long. 🙂  It added about an extra long hour to my trip.  The next day my 2 year old was glued to my hip even more than she usually was.

If you are part of the group and are reading this if you have never gone on the weekend retreat you won’t regret going!!

Have a blessed night!


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