A, E, I, O, U Los Vocales en Español


My kids love La Clase Divertida Level 1!  My three year old even gets excited when it comes on either on DVD or the practice CD.  I have heard my two year old say a couple of the vowels using the Spanish pronunciation!  They don’t always sit in during the time we watch the lessons (we do the bulk of our schoolwork during their naptimes) but sometimes they do.

I first heard about them at our local homeschool convention in 2014.  I wasn’t quite ready to purchase it then but after learning more about them and reading reviews by the time the convention in 2015 rolled around I knew that would be one of our purchases!  Señor Gamache spoke with us for a while.  By the time we are done with all three of the elementary levels our kids will be ready for high school Spanish!  WOW!  That impressed me!

They have recently (as of Spring 2015) updated the container the curriculum came in.  It used to be a box and now it is a very durable zippered pouch, with a handle.  They are color coded by year and since we are in year 1 our bag is yellow.

Level 1 came with:

  • Durable zippered pouch to store all materials
  • 2 DVDs with a total of 15 lessons
  • Practice CD
  • 2 Student packs, including materials for the crafts.

Additional Student packs can be purchased for very reasonable prices!  $15 for each student pack, without the practice CD and $25 for each student pack with a practice CD (for co-ops and classes with students from multiple families).

The only thing you need to have on hand are items that you need for the cooking segments, items for the piñata in lesson 14, and some other common items like glue, colored pencils, crayons, glue, etc.  The entire list is listed at the top on page V of the teacher’s manual.  Most items you should have around the house and if you don’t they are very inexpensive.

They have a suggested two week plan on page V of the teacher’s manual.  You watch one lesson three times a week for two weeks (6 times) and listen to the practice CD in between and in the car.   I find for our family that works out perfect!  I also don’t stress if we only watch it 5 times instead of 6 because I know they will get review in the following lessons.  Our practice CD stays in the car and my kids will ask to listen to it.

It is suggested that you wait to complete the workbook activities after you have watched the lesson at least twice.  I split up the pages.  I do have of the activities on Friday of week 1 and the other half at the end of week 2.  I have found that the majority of the workbook pages are geared towards older kids.  I wish there were some more activities for younger kids or a separate activity book for younger kids.  There is a lot of writing and I find it is too much for my little girls.  I fill in some of the pages and for the others I will ask them what the answer is and I will help them write the answers in.

Of the lessons we have done my girls can verbally answer any questions.  My 7 year old will ask me how to say other words in Spanish.  Since I took Spanish in high school and college thankfully I can answer her questions.  🙂  My three year old will repeat some words and will participate while we sing ‘Los Vocales en Español’.  He gets excited when he hears the intro music that plays before every lesson.  He will scream “A, O, U!” at the top of his lungs!  He will also repeat any Spanish words my 7 year old asks him to say.

They have a sample of their program on the page for level 1 found here.

Have a blessed day!

*None of the links on this post are affiliate links.  I do not make any money by someone clicking on the said links.  I purchased this curricula with my own money.


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