Park Day

Our county parks have recently put up Little Free Library stations in three parks in my county.  I decided to check out the one at a park that is a bit of a drive from our house.  We had been having record breaking rainfall in some areas and there were a lot of places that were flooding due to the rain and poor drainage.  It was so bad in quite a few of the areas that heavier trucks (like garbage trucks) were causing the road to crumble.  It was crazy.  My kids had been cooped up a lot during this time that we took a break while it wasn’t raining to drive out to this park.  It did start raining again while we were there and the kids had a blast playing in the rain.  The first of the pictures below is the lake flooding part of the property, by the information booth.  This park has a lookout tower that is close to the lake but was inaccessible due to the lake rising above normal levels.  If you are looking at getting rid of any books, please consider donating them to a Little Free Library.  Some of the ones that I have visited are in desperate need of books and I am sure it is the same elsewhere.  Click here for more information on the Little Free Library and to find one close to you!  Have a blessed day!


IMG_6187 IMG_6197


IMG_6210 IMG_6212


IMG_6230 IMG_6233



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