New Playground

My oldest was invited to a kid advisory workshop for the designing of the new playground in the area.  The city is redesigning one of their parks.  They are expanding the park by closing some roads and redirecting traffic, relocating the playground, and adding a splash pad!  The old playground has already been demolished.  They are supposed to be building a separate playground for the toddlers and another for the older kids.  The old playground was just one huge playground, with a few swings for the little ones.  The little ones could walk around the playground but it is difficult for anyone older than a teenager to walk around with them.  I am excited to see their final choices!

10169180_10153162892673598_8305514381129516885_n 11169465_10153162892783598_3718232699373082068_n

11406983_10153162892668598_4012682766739138448_n 11412198_10153162892663598_7261637368810816261_n

Pictures of the old playground being torn down.

IMG_6413 IMG_6414

The happy and sad faces were for the kids to hold up when shown pictures of park designs.

IMG_6415 IMG_6416

IMG_6417 IMG_6418

The kids were also fed lunch while at the session.


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