Bible Study Guide for All Ages

We are using Bible Study Guide for All Ages (NOT an affiliate link) Unit 1.  My girls love it!  Here are some photos of them working on a lesson.  We complete a page (front & back) in one session.  It is designed where you can also work on the lessons over the course of two days.  I like the flexibility!  You can choose how many days you want to take to complete the activities.




Between Bible Study Guide for All Ages and Awana’s (Awana’s done through a local club) they work on memorizing the books of the Bible.  They learned the New Testament Books in Awanas and Bible Study Guide for All Ages reinforces what they learned.  We are also learning the books of the Old Testament, which they haven’t done in Awana’s yet, and when they come to that part they should rock it.  🙂

They color the first page while I read the Bible passage.  We review the books of the Bible and their timeline cards.  Then we complete the opposite side of the page.  I found that I don’t need the teacher’s guide with how we are completing the pages but the way their program is set up (We do Unit 1 every 4 years) it will become a valuable asset as the kids get older.

Lifetime Subscription Freebie Alert!

Are you looking for an online lesson planner? Do you want to make changes from any computer? Then Lessontrek may be for you!!

Right now, Lessontrek has a free lifetime subscription offer. Sign up for the 2 week free trial and put FFL15 in the referral box and you will receive a free lifetime subscription. No credit card needed!

I was referred by a homeschool momma in one of my groups. So far I have my oldest children set up and I am working on my lesson plans. The only downside that I have found is there is no way to assign the same content to every student.  You can copy and paste assignments within one student’s planner but not between multiple student’s planners.  My workaround is that I created a ‘Group Work’ student and assigned all of the material to that and then will assign all individual stuff to my kids pages. According to a question that a Facebook user posted on Lessontrek’s Facebook page they responded that they are working on that feature and expect it to be available before the next school year.

Each subject and each student can be assigned a color so by a quick glance you can see what has been assigned or what is missing.  You can choose if the subject is graded (or not) and can make that choice by each individual subject.  That is nice if you want to grade some subjects but not others.  When you create new subjects they are automatically setup as a graded subject.  Another cool feature is you can assign an amount of time the student needs to spend on the subject.  You can create transcripts as well.

Those are the features that I know of now as I am still exploring this online planner.

Have a very blessed weekend!