Currclick Freebie

Every Monday publishes a freebie.  Most of the time I have purchased it to help build up our homeschool library.  The only space it takes up is the space on my hard drive.  You don’t even have to download the files until you want to use them as each currclick user has their own online library.

I like to download them for a couple of reasons.  I can organize them in my homeschool folder on my computer by subject and it is easier to find.  When I need something pertaining to a certain subject it is all in one place.  I cannot organize them by custom fields in the currclick library. In case something was to happen to or the file on I still have the files.  It is hard to think of anything happening but you never know what will happen.

I just checked this week’s freebie and it is a G.A. Henty Audio Book,  ‘Under Drake’s Flag: A Tale of the Spanish Main‘ by Jim Hodges Productions.  A $25 value for free!

Have a blessed day!


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