Book Samaritan

Hello everyone!  I pray that your Sunday is going well!  I have a rare few minutes to type off a blog post!  Everyone is either resting or asleep.  The only one who is not asleep is my seven year old.

With a lot of homeschools wrapping up for the year, I thought I would share a wonderful ministry called The Book Samaritan and they help out homeschoolers.  I have heard nothing but wonderful things about their ministry.  They are a non-profit organization based out of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  They send out homeschool textbooks, materials, and supplies to families in need.

They have a couple requirements and they are that you agree not to resell the items and that you pass them on to another family for no charge or send them back to The Book Samaritan so they can pass them on to another family.  All you need to do is send them a letter (handwritten or typed) explaining your situation, the grade levels of your children and the subjects you are looking for.  You can be as detail or vague as you want.  The more flexible you are in your requests the more they will be able to help.  What they send you depends on what they have on their shelves.  Sometimes they may not have a specific item that you are requesting. They will ship your box to you completely free of charge!

Here is their address:

The Book Samaritan
1715 Grandview Ave
Pawhuska, OK 74056

They ask that you do NOT email requests to them as they will not be answered.

If you are wondering what to do with all of your unneeded curriculum or anything that homeschoolers can use they will gladly accept donations.  You can mail your donations to the same address listed above.

Have a very blessed day!


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