Scholastic Dollar Days

Scholastic has their last Dollar Deals for the school year.  Hurry up before their offer expires!  They have many e-books for $1 – $5!

Click here to go their their site!


Marvelous Monday

I pray that everyone is having a marvelous Monday!

I am looking forward to our upcoming homeschool convention!  If you haven’t been to one I encourage you to attend at least one!  I went to my first one last year.  Despite having a 7 month old that was a bit cranky and had an off weekend since she was in a new environment I still managed to have fun!  This year, since she is a year older I am looking forward to a weekend away with my husband, without any kids.  I do miss the kids while I am away but thoroughly enjoy the few stolen moments that I get with D.

I didn’t make it to as many of the workshops that I planned.  I had a bunch of workshops highlighted that I wanted to go to and  I made it to ONE!  Sadly, just one.  I did purchase the audio files of the workshops and they were worth it!  I have listened to some workshops over and over and over.  Picking up something new every time I listen to them.  Right now I am looking through workshops that I am interested in and oh boy!  I am halfway through the workshops and I have about 3/4 of them highlighted!  It looks like I will be buying the audio files again this year.  🙂  I already figured they would be on my purchase list.  We get a huge discount if we purchase the files the weekend of the convention plus I got an extra discount because I am a member of the association.

Our convention is huge and they open the vendor hall for a few hours the evening before the main event starts.  It is well worth going early if your local convention opens early!  It took the shock off of attending my first homeschool convention.  I think I would have been very overwhelmed if I walked in Friday morning, especially after the night we had with the baby, with it in full swing.  Lots of people and lots of vendors!!!  Another tip is to visit the vendor booths first without purchasing anything.  Get brochures and catalogs if they have them and you think you might even be the slightest bit interested.  Take them back to the hotel with you that night and look through them all.  Make decisions on who you want to go back to see and also write down any questions that you may have.  Build your purchase list from there.  It helps cut down on the impluse purchases.  I am not saying that they won’t happen but they are less likely to happen.

Bring a rolling cart to carry those brochures and any purchases!  Brochures get heavy after a while!  🙂  Wal-Mart carries rolling carts with lids for an affordable price.  There were a couple vendors that were selling rolling carts but they didn’t have lids and they cost the same amount as the one that we got from Wal-Mart with the lid.  Ours folds down when not in use.

Bring your own bottled water and food!  A small bottle was very, very expensive.  I want to say it was $4!  The water fountains didn’t work either.  We had our own bottled water but a can of soda was $3.  I was just recently reading that some convention centers requires the water fountains to be turned off as part of their rental agreement.  Food was outrageous as well.  We ate lunch there on the first day and decided to eat a brunch on the second day before heading over and then just waited until we were done for the day to go get dinner.  This year I think we may pack a sandwhich and snacks because leaving and returning is just not practical due to the size of the convention and trying to find another parking space.  Even if you don’t pack your lunch pack some snacks just in case you get hungry!

Do you have any convention tips?


Please #GoCordless if you haven’t considered doing so.  One of my young relatives passed earlier in the year due to a tragic accident.  She was found tangled in blind cords in her house.  Even the retro fitted kits are not safe.  You need to go completely cordless!  *It takes less than 60 seconds for a child to lose their life due to ONE blind cord!*

Parent’s for Window Blind Safety (NOT an affiliate link) has some great resources on how to replace your corded blinds with something much safer!  The site also has memorials and grief support for those who have lost a love one due to a blind cord.  Please look for their seal of approval on blinds.

Have a very blessed day and please #GoCordless!!

Currclick Freebie

Every Monday publishes a freebie.  Most of the time I have purchased it to help build up our homeschool library.  The only space it takes up is the space on my hard drive.  You don’t even have to download the files until you want to use them as each currclick user has their own online library.

I like to download them for a couple of reasons.  I can organize them in my homeschool folder on my computer by subject and it is easier to find.  When I need something pertaining to a certain subject it is all in one place.  I cannot organize them by custom fields in the currclick library. In case something was to happen to or the file on I still have the files.  It is hard to think of anything happening but you never know what will happen.

I just checked this week’s freebie and it is a G.A. Henty Audio Book,  ‘Under Drake’s Flag: A Tale of the Spanish Main‘ by Jim Hodges Productions.  A $25 value for free!

Have a blessed day!

Book Samaritan

Hello everyone!  I pray that your Sunday is going well!  I have a rare few minutes to type off a blog post!  Everyone is either resting or asleep.  The only one who is not asleep is my seven year old.

With a lot of homeschools wrapping up for the year, I thought I would share a wonderful ministry called The Book Samaritan and they help out homeschoolers.  I have heard nothing but wonderful things about their ministry.  They are a non-profit organization based out of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  They send out homeschool textbooks, materials, and supplies to families in need.

They have a couple requirements and they are that you agree not to resell the items and that you pass them on to another family for no charge or send them back to The Book Samaritan so they can pass them on to another family.  All you need to do is send them a letter (handwritten or typed) explaining your situation, the grade levels of your children and the subjects you are looking for.  You can be as detail or vague as you want.  The more flexible you are in your requests the more they will be able to help.  What they send you depends on what they have on their shelves.  Sometimes they may not have a specific item that you are requesting. They will ship your box to you completely free of charge!

Here is their address:

The Book Samaritan
1715 Grandview Ave
Pawhuska, OK 74056

They ask that you do NOT email requests to them as they will not be answered.

If you are wondering what to do with all of your unneeded curriculum or anything that homeschoolers can use they will gladly accept donations.  You can mail your donations to the same address listed above.

Have a very blessed day!