I finally found a way to plan our subjects that may just work! One night I was looking at homeschool blogs and came across  She has a post about how she plan her subjects.

In the past I would plan 6 weeks at a time using Homeschool Tracker Basic and it just wasn’t working out for me.  I love the program but more for keeping track of what we have completed.  It was quite a pain to have to reschedule days if something didn’t get completed for whatever reason.  Now as I am typing this out I have an idea that I may try for Homeschool Tracker.  🙂

I like how Chelli plans her subjects.  She prints out enough blank templates from Donna Young’s website to plan the subject.  She buys her curriculum throughout the year and plans the lessons once the curriculum arrives so it is already done when it comes time to starting it.  In each square she puts all of the assignment information for the lesson.  It makes it easy peasy to check off completed assignments and you are not constrained to have to have it completed on any particular day.  When life happens (and it happens to all of us) you can just pick up and move on to the next lesson.

Here is a picture of Sweet Pea’s Math (Making Math Meaningful by David Quine) planned out as per the suggested schedule.  Note: Each block for her math does not represent a day and lessons may be completed sooner than the week  that is scheduled.


Now off to plan the next subject out!  Have a blessed day!