Grammy Crisps

With all of Little Man’s allergies it is nearly impossible to find something that he can eat without making it from scratch.  He cannot have dairy, soy, nuts, red dye, wheat, gluten, apples, and strawberries.  We have found one toddler snack that he can have that does not contain any of the above.  Apples is a filler in the majority of juices and toddler foods.  The other problem is a lot of foods are either manufactured in the same facility or share the same equipment so we cannot give it to him due to the possibility of cross contamination.

I was out shopping the other day and saw a Gluten Free cracker called Grammy Crisps by Crunchmaster.  I was excited to see the GF (Gluten Free) mark and also peanut free.  So I checked out the ingredients and they are all “Bubba Safe”!!  Yay!

I took the crackers home and have the toddler’s approval on the crackers!  He will come running if he sees them.    They also have mommy’s seal of approval because they are delicious!!


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